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Error in DIY for iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 5/5S/5C with iOS 9.3 and higher fixed Download Fake IPhone 5S Launcher 1.3. Put a little iOS5 on your Android device. Download du thème LS Inme iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 theme 8. Transform your Android device into an iPhone 5!....

Get the MIUI 5 theme for iPhone 5 / Release 5S

Stylish and professionally looking WinterBoard and DreamBoard topics that drastically alter the look of your iPhone are difficult to find. At the expense of the Theme community's fame, many theme packs on Cydia look like they've been compiled by someone using Microsoft Paint on the simplest layer, but fortunately not everyone has this ham version.

It' design is how it works" and you definitely get that sense of style from the refinement of the just upgraded Retina MIUI 5 Standing Set. The theme itself is likely to inspire some debate among hard-core ic enthusiasts as it was inspired by the nice and stylish surface of the MIUI ROM, so loved by the Android modifications team.

Buyers of the theme can look forward to a full UI with a variety of natives and third-party symbols adapted to the theme's styling, with the legacy from the v4 release of the theme, but with additional retina quality. Also, the developer of the pack has added two special BiteSMS topics, a Color Keyboard theme, a MIUI SBSettings theme and an Android Loaders theme, as well as some great little add-ons like a customized Zeppelin icon and a BytaFont fonts to really bring the theme to light.

While the symbols on this topic look great and it is evident that in most areas details have been taken care of, one cannot help but sense that it could have been done better with a little extra work in certain areas. The MIUI 5 can be downloaded for $2.99 from the ZodTTD and MacCiti repositories and will require a retina-enabled iOS 6.0 or later capable Java Broken unit.

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