Iphone 5 Theme for Android

Android Iphone 5 theme

Download free Go Keyboard iPhone Theme here >>. Put a little iOS5 on your Android device. This video shows the iPhone iOS 5 design that can be applied to all Android smartphones.

Now let's explore some of the Apple iOS or iPhone Launcher for Android 2017, shall we? Give it a try now on your iPhone & iPad ! iPhone 5 Screen latest version:

iPhone 5 screen for Android

Transform your Android into an iPhone 5! The iPhone 5 screen is a free app that makes your Android mobile look and feels like an iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 Screen is not a skinable modem for your iPhone, but a stand-alone app that mimics the Apple device's surface look.

Contains the iPhone 5's offical symbols, piled in five lines against the iPhone 5's backdrop wall paper. There' also a four-symbol donck, like you'll find on iPhone 5. Some of the iPhone 5 screen user interfaces are quite authentically styled, although some of the symbols are not perfect (e.g. the calendars look colorful).

Symbols on the iPhone 5 screen are functionally mapped to the corresponding applications/functions in Android. If you tap the Messages symbol, the Android Message application will be started, Maps will open Google Maps, Photos will open your gallery, etc. Unfortunately, many of the symbols on the iPhone 5 screen are not associated with the application and only lead to an ad space or an advertised application in the Google Player stores.

The iPhone 5 screen is great for fooling your buddies with the fact that you can run iOS 6 on Android, but in the end it's an application with restricted usefulness.

Download and deploy this theme to your iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking!

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