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Favourite, top & free Apple iPhone 5C wallpapers and other downloads. Complimentary Apple iPhone 5C Wallpapers Rankings: Mean rating: Total hits : Apple iPhone 5C works under iOS 7.0 and is operated by a dual-core 1.3GB 1.

3GHz CPU with 1GBAM. Apple iPhone 5C also comes with an 8.0 megapixel video capture device that can capture video at 820p. Top, new and popular wallpapers for Apple iPhone 5C.

Here you can find the free wallpaper for the Apple iPhone 5C for downloading. Wallpapers are updated every day.

Download and deploy this theme to your iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking!

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Adjusting the iPhone without Java Breaking

The first thing you need to do when it comes to adjusting your iPhone is to put it in jail. This way you can design the application icon, interface, lockout, home or just about anything else you want. Whilst jawbreaking opens the doors to infinite adjustments, it is still possible to adjust your iPhone to a certain degree without causing a spike.

Watch a videotape shown by YouTuber iTwe4kz showing how you can thematize your iPhone's startup display by taking advantage of the iOS-supported faults and theme pages. We' ll show you in this tutorial how to customise your iPhone without having to throw it out of jail. Stage 1: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reducing Motion and turn it on.

In the Accessibility area, go to Contract Increase and activate Dark Colors. Next, you need to mask the names of the application icons by taking a mistake in your application 10. Wipe the control center so high that it slides to the center of the display.

To open the Switcher application, double-click the Home key. Go back to the home page and you will see that the captions of the icons have vanished in the cradle. Slide the next four applications to the cradle, and follow the above procedure to fade out your label. Continue until you have removed all captions from the application icons.

Stage 1: Double-click the Home icon to open the App Switcher. Stage 2: Keep the Sleep/Wake key pressed until you see the display "slide to force off". Stage 3: Push the Home key twice to go to the Home menu. Stage 1: Get the background image from here and store it on your iPhone.

Stage 2: Open the Photo application and go to Camera Roll. Stage 3: Open the desktop image you just stored. Stage 4: Now make it the start image for your home page. Touch the Split icon and select Use as Wall Image > Preferences > Preferences > Preferences. 5: Go to the Home screen and you will see that the icon docks and folders no longer have a blurred backdrop.

Stage 1: Open Safari on your iPhone. Stage 2: Go to iskin. tooliphone.net. Here you will find all the topics that can be downloaded and used on your iPhone. Our theme is Neon2. 4: Browse down to the section "Install Topic" and touch Application Buttons.

Stage 5: A listing of the available thematic symbols is shown. Choose all the applications you want to thematize by touching them. Tip: If you want to fade out the names of the application buttons, just touch the corresponding buttons next to the name of the chosen one. Stage 6: Browse down the page and touch Generate Topic.

Stage 7: You will be redirected to the Install page of the Profiles. Stage 8: Go to the Home Screen and you will find the thematic symbols that have been added to your Home Screen. Start-up screens, as shown in the above screenshots, are set up using empty symbols that keep an empty field at the top of the display.

You will also need to adjust your background image to the one shown in the screenshots, but keep in minds that adjusting the background image will reappear the blur of the door and folders. Stage 1: Get the home image from here and store it on your iPhone. Stage 2: Define the background image as your lock image and as the background image for the main one.

Next, you need to insert empty symbols at the top of the home page to display the part of the background image that says "Dream". Navigate to the Home Screen and touch and hold down an application symbol until it begins to wiggle. Go to a page that is empty and take a picture.

Touch'Create Blanks'. Click File > Choose Photolibrary, and then choose the image you just took. As soon as the picture is loaded and the empty symbols are generated, move the page down and you will see a thumbnail of your home page with empty symbols on it. Touch the empty symbol labeled '1×1'.

Touch the Split pushbutton and select "Add to Home Screen". Touch Tap Submit and it will be added to your home page. Locate the empty symbol at the current location, as shown in the Start Page thumbnail. Continue the above procedure for the rest of the empty symbols until you have added all the symbols from the first two lines.

Now you should have a custom home page that looks exactly like the first one in this post. This was all done without you throwing your iPhone in jail. In the comment field, please let us know the size of the screenshots of your individual iPhone.

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