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These are all the opening, relocations and conversions of Apple stores in 2018. Apple is continually growing and upgrading its worldwide retailer network, now with over 500 stores, with few major failures. Here is the company's history to date in 2018, upgraded on October 16 with the re-opening date for Apple Shibuya. Tokyo?s Apple Shibuya will be reopened on October 26th.

It has been renovated for 11 month, which forces Apple Omotesando to absorb additional airwaves.

Reconstruction of this length is unparalleled, indicating that Apple aims to excite the audience and make it an important site in Japan. There are only nine Apple Retail outlets in the whole state, despite a total of 127 million inhabitants. The Apple Covent Garden London shop, which was shut down for four month after renovation, will open again on Friday 26 October.

This is also the offical delivery date for the iPhone XR. Apple is unaware of the scale of the changes, but as a celebrity site, the retail shop is likely to receive a "forum" room for Today at Apple upcoming shows, along with other contemporary accents such as an outsized videowall. Apple announces the closing of the Carrousel du Louvre branch in Paris on 27 October.

The Louvre Shops offer employment to employees elsewhere in the town. Robina Town Centre in Queensland, Australia, will be reopened at 9am on 29 September after moving to another part of the same shopping centre. Recently the company will have a redesigned storefront with a videowall and in this case forums for Today at Apple event seats.

Scottsdale Fashion Square, a new boutique to be opened outside Phoenix, Ariz, at 10 a.m. on September 29th, will substitute for the city's ageing Biltmore site, which is smaller and not in keeping with Apple's contemporary retailing aesthetic. On the same date, the Green Hills stores are opened in Nashville.

Apple's Eastview relocation to Victor, N.Y., will be reopened on September 21, the same date iPhone XS, XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4 become available. To start these starts the store opens at 8 o'clock in the morning instead of the normal 10 o'clock. While the new flag ship will be 114 storeys high and have at least two storeys, the remainder will be used for office use.

Apples' customary allies Foster + Partners are responsible for the designs. It should also be fully run on cleaner power. A new Apple office will open in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. Photographs of the shop currently under development in the legendary Gate to the East are published on a Weibo page devoted to Apple salesrooms.

Apple Suzhou should soon be opened with an officially "coming soon" façade. It' s not known when the work will be finished, but the store will be out of order at least for Apple's normal autumn start with the iPhone. However, Santa Monica is part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, and the town has many Apple shops, among them Apple Century Town, just 15 min away.

After four-month renovation, the SouthPark Charlotte, N.C. boutique is scheduled to re-open at 11 a.m. on September 2nd. Apple Kyoto, which opens on 25 August, is the company's first office in the former Japanese Reichshauptstadt. Situated on the Shijo Dori, Kyoto's 17th century mall, this thoroughly contemporary boutique offers designer items based on locally sourced fabrics, architectural and traditional styles.

Upstairs the room is clad in a "translucent shell" based on Japan's lantern lamps, while the top façade is made of light wooden and specialized papers that refer to Japan's old style homes, Apple says. In fact, a painting of a seemingly top floor of the shop shows a murals reminiscent of the wooden and wooden panelling of a shoeji doorframe.

Inside, a retail area is spread over several floors, each opening onto a key vestibule where Apple now wants to play a host to Apple meetings. With an " Apple Store 2. "O "O" aesthetics, the interiors are open and offer enough space for Apple's custom-made demo desks, accessories racks and a 6K videowall on the groundfloor.

This includes the Apple Orland Square Mall in Orland Park, Illinois, and the Apple Irvine Spectrum Center in Irvine, California. They both date back over a decade, and by the date of the shift, the Orland Square Mall was known to be small, with corridors smothered by lightning. Apple's new retail outlet in Kyoto, Japan, will open on August 25 at 10:00 a.m. CET.

There are eight more branches in the city, but none yet in Kyoto. The Apple Waterside Shops, in the Florida city of Naples near Fort Myers, are due to close down on September 2 while renovation work is underway. Launched in March 2007, the shop needs a series of changes to adapt to Apple's latest aesthetic designs.

This is an offical model of Apple's refurbishment plan. And Apple has announced more about his plan for the Tower Theatre in Los Angeles. B.J. Siegel, Sen ior emeritus retailer of retailing designs, said to the Los Angeles Times that it will be "on the top floor" of the company's shops, unlike anything else in the town, with some of its dramatic designs touched and held to attract hundred of visitors.

As part of the city's work permit, Apple has endorsed restoration and reconstruction projects for the well-known - but long deserted - Tower Theatre in Los Angeles inner-town, Curbed said. The Apple will be replacing the galleries in the entresol and retrofitting the buildings to better resist seismic impact. It' s not known when Apple might be willing to open a shop.

Apple's Walnut Creek Relocation Calif shop opens at 10:00 a. M. Locally on July 28th. From an architectural point of view, it should look like Apple's Michigan Avenue, with a shallow ceiling and glazed panels connecting the shop to its area. The Apple Piazza Liberty in Milan will open its official door on July 26, said Angela Ahrendts Io Donna, retailer.

It will be open 24 h a day, just like Apple Fifth Avenue in New York City. This is one of Apple's representations of the planned Stockholm site. Until 12 September, the Swedes had the opportunity to see and annotate Apple's design for a store on the outskirts of Stockholm's Kungstradgarten.

Apples newer building such as the Michigan Avenue in Chicago or the Visitor Center in Cupertino is the look of the shops. Since the beginning of 2016, Apple has been working towards the Kungstradgarden online shopping centre, but has met with opposition from some citizens who are trying to commercialise a historical site, even if the Apple retail centre would just replace a TGI Friday.

The Apple Cotai Central in Macau, which opened on 29 June, was unveiled as having a millimetre thick rock blind and an area of bush. The DTLA Receiving reports have revived rumours that Apple could take over the Tower Theater of Los Angeles. Lessees in the outdoor boxes have been informed that they will be released by the end of June, and a sources claim that Apple hopes "to embed the whole Tower Theater in a crystal cube," although due to the historic importance of the Tower Theater, renovation is more likely.

And Apple has announced that its upgraded University Village Seattle Retail store will open at 9:30 a.m. on June 30th. The new one replaces the old socket and offers more room inside, among them a forum and a videowall for today's event at Apple venues. Palo Alto, California, on University Avenue, will be reopened on the same date at 10:00 a.m. Pacific night.

Apple's forthcoming flag ship in Milan, Italy, was due to open at the end of July, possibly as early as July 18th, according to Corriere de-lla Sera, although the firm does not normally open shops towards the end of the week. Apple's first Israel outlet could possibly be opened in the Azrieli Sarona Tower in Tel Aviv. However, according to Globes, the Azrieli Mall Group is currently in "preliminary negotiations".

Macau's second shop, Apple Cotai Media Center, will open its gates on 29 June, the firm commented. The name comes from the Sands Cotai Cultural Center near the town. The two larger Apple Retail outlets - Covent Garden in London and Wangfujing in Beijing - were scheduled to complete renovation work during the course of the months.

Natick Collection in Natick, Mass. Closed for renovation. It is not known when the shop will be reopened. Apple said in a few announcements that it would close its Pier in Atlantic City, N.J., without opening a new one. It affected 52 individuals who were compelled to find either a new job at Apple or another one.

Shinjuku, Tokyo's last Apple Watch Popup branch, has come to an end. Apple's first Latin American flag style retail chain is reported to be under build in the Antara Fashion Hall in Ciudad de Mexico's (CDMX) upper Polanco area. Whitehall, Pa.'s Lehigh Valley Mall was opened for relocation to a larger room in September.

In a lawsuit, Apple was charged with $15,000 for injury sustained during an "active shooting exercise" at the Florida mall Apple Retail Center. High demand for changing batteries compelled Apple to expand its staff to meet the requirements. The Apple Shinjuku was opened in the Tokyo metropolis not far from the Shinjuku station. Apple's Westchester shopping centre in White Plains, N.Y., was shut down for renovation.

The Apple Bluewater branch in Great Britain was re-opened after nine month of renovation. Behind Apple's flag ship Michigan Avenue in Chicago, the lessor has offered the site for purchase, although Apple itself is responsible for keeping it there. One New Orleans policeman was charged with having stolen AirPods from the Apple Lakeside Shopping Center - still in uniforms.

Apple's first Austria outlet was opened in Vienna's Kärntner Strasse. The Apple Southlake Town Square in Dallas-Fort Worth was heralded on March 4 as the completion of renovation work. Apple employees were hospitalised in a Hong Kong retail outlet after a low power outage. It was planned to shut down the Green Hills, Nashville and Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood for renovation.

And Apple opened its first retail outlet in Seoul, Korea. Apples began looking for manpower for its Carnegie Library Retail in Washington, D.C. The company's reduced -price change programme - launched in the course of Apple's iPhone throttle - led to a surge in shipments, particularly for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Another iPhone rechargeable fire, this year at the Calle Collon in Valencia, Spain. A fire on the iPhone rechargeable batteries caused the shop in Zurich, Switzerland, to be evacuated. Apparently, Apple was suing the militant organisation Attac for protesting in its shops in France, alleging that the group "endangers the safety of our people.

" Attachc has blamed Apple for taking advantage of gaps in taxes at the cost of the general publics, taking away millions from welfare agencies. Rumours of a new shop in Toronto, Canada, on the corners of Yonge and Bloor, not far from Queen's Park and the Royal Ontario Museum, came up. A seizure for the prestigious Michigan Avenue in Chicago was the need to seal off the area to deal with icy and snowy conditions.

Whereas some accused bad architectural design at first and did not take the Chicago winter into consideration, Apple persisted that the issue was due to roof heater failures.

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