Iphone 6 Icon Pack for Android

Android Iphone 6 Icon Pack

Add the exclusive ios style iLOOK ICON PACK to your mobile screen. You now have these rounded iOS 6 icons for every theme, every launcher. Contains more than 600 iOS-style icons, including stick and custom icons.


Add the luxurious iconic style iconic ICON PACK to your portable display. Every symbol is a true work of art and has been developed to give you a perfectly clean apples look. Developed with a combination of creative power and ease, our iconic iPhone Pack is sure to enhance your portable lifestyle. It is the most complete Icon Pack for iPhone available on the Mac.

The Icon Package contains more than 4550+ images along with an icon mask function that even thematizes the images of applications that are not currently in use. A typical consumer will check their machine more than 50x per tag. Make every visit a true treat with this iLOOK Icon Pack.

Download the iconic icon pack now! There is always something new: The iconic pack with over 4000 iconic images is still new and grows. And I can tell you that with each upgrade you will be adding many more of them. - Works on any Android machine. - Many alternate symbols to take the adjustment to the next stage.

Additional functions - symbol previews and searching. - Supports vibrant calendars. - Custom symbols for the application tray. Without a doubt, iLOOK Icon Pack is the best in the shop with the most energetic customers and the best perfect, and we provide a 100% reimbursement if you don't like it. Using this icon package Step 1: Installation of the Guided Theme Launcher (recommended NOVA Launcher).

Stage 2: Open eLOOK Icon Pack and click Add. disclaimer of liability - a starter must be enabled to use this symbol package! Icon package has been tried and works with these launches. It can also work with others if you have not found an application area in the dashboard.

Application of the symbol package from a topic preference. Additional notes - Icon Pack needs a launch to work. - If there is no icon? you are welcome to submit an icon inquiry and I will try to upgrade this package with your inquiries.

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