Iphone 6 Launcher for Android Download

Download Iphone 6 Launcher for Android

Now you can download Google Pixel 2 Launcher to any mobile device. Google is known for revising its Android home display set-up with every new version of its home display, which is no different for this year's Pixel 2. Android Police staff have now made it possible to download the Pixel 2 launcher to any of your equipment. Launcher on pixel 2 is not as dramatic as last year, but there are still some changes still deserving to be reviewed - especially the newly positioned Google browse toolbar and the upgraded weather/date widget. Here it is.

Google's lookup tablet in the top L. of your monitor has been superseded by a more traditionally used lookup button underneath the applications in your browser and it now has a translucent gray colour with a gray "G" in it ( although the "G" seems to be coloured to some users). Tap the browse button still to bring up the normal Google lookup that we all know and like, and while the new ranking takes some getting done, it helps enormously with accessibility.

It is the centred widget that shows you the date, hour and forthcoming calendars, and it is also an enhancement over what we had last year. Tap the date to open Google Kalender, and tap the wheather to open Google Wetter (you guess it). When you have an imminent schedule date occurrence, the date symbol is reduced and the date is substituted with information for that occurrence, which includes the name, start, and end date.

Folder have a new opening motion that quickly jumps to the top or bottom of the apple tray, now has a subtile jump, and the watch apple icons now update according to the real times (much like done by old OS for years).

When you want to download the Pixel 2 Launcher to your machine, you can do so by download ing the APK here. You can download the launcher without any modification to the pixel and pixel XL, but if you want a working Google Feed on the leftside of your home screen, you need to download the launcher as a system application.

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