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New IPhone 6/6s Themes Cases designs from thousands of artists all over the world. Best WinterBoard themes for iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Depending on what kind of aesthetics you want to reach, you may find our run-down products particularly likable, but as always we have tried to provide a varied range to help you find at least one topic to your liking. Topics below include supporting ifOS 8, ifOS 8.1, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

These themes offer a clear, discreet look that is well received by the minimalist. When you are looking for a more interesting, less light colored option to the warehouse, this is the right one for you. You can download Andora from the MacCiti repository in Cydia and it only cost $1.99. That is the topic where squares meet circles.

Stocks feature round edged icon shapes, but this subject provides even more curvature, and with some clear, caricatured graphic elements it complements the look of icos wonderfully. Available from ModMyi repos, Aura iPhone 8 only cost $2.99. The beautifully titled subject will welcome you with monochrome, translucent symbols, and we are big supporters of this one.

This is our favourite of all the topics presented, and if you don't feel the intense colours of the natural look, give it a special shine. The Aelon iOS 8 is available from the MacCiti repository and is only $1.99. Topic picks up hints from Windows Phone and Google's Material Lollipop designs, and very nice.

We have already put our cap in the ring and told our favourites, but if there was a second place, it would be easily claimed by him. Available through the MacCiti repos, the price of MacCiti Red is only $1.49. The subject is shamelessly monochrome, and like the others, and once again it is very simple for the eyes.

Maybe not as interesting as some of the others, it contains tens of symbols that cover the most common applications in the store, and if you are looking for a dramatically new look, 0bscure 7 is the one you should choose. The 0bscure 7 is available through ModMyi repos and is only $0.99.

Hopefully you'll find something you like, and if you have a favourite, please post a review below. If you want to learn how to break out and run Rydia, you are welcome to try it:

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