Iphone 6s Theme

The Iphone 6s theme

Favourite, top & free Apple iPhone 6s wallpapers and other downloads. Present yourself with this sophisticated design for your Android.

Cool Designs HD for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Plus

Coole Topics HD for iPhone 6 & 6 Plush!!!!!!! Supports iPhone 6s and 6s Plus!!!!!!! We present the iPhone 6 release of Cool Themes HD! Whether you're new to us or just updated to the iPhone 6s with our genuine iPhone 6s, we want to tell you: "Thank you for purchasing us, and we're valued for your continued assistance!

It' still the ideal addition to your home and locking screens! Get this free fun application to try out our amazing theme wallpapers! What can I do to use these theme wallpapers? Search for your favourite wallpapers. In the upper toolbar, touch the "Save" pushbutton (2nd pushbutton from the left). Select "Save Start Screen", "Save Locking Screen" or "Save Both" in "Photos" on your machine.

Select "Use as wallpaper" > "Set" > "Set lock screen", "Set start screen" or "Set both". The Cool Topics aim to offer you the most attractive and most cool themed wallpapers! Do you like topics? Dear us! Sweet wall paper, I really like it... descend, mOre updat pls... ty...... Best topics and wallpapers.

Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Changing the design on an iPhone

iPhone comes with a standard theme, but you can adjust this preference to adjust your text, color, and wallpaper. Topics are an entertaining way to customise iPhone to your tastes and tastes. You can also use it to make text reading more easy if the theme's standard text is too small.

A number of sites and iPhone design-ers provide free theme downloads so you can often modify them until you find one you like. To display the home screen, click the Home tab on your iPhone. Touch the Apps Installer symbol and then touch All Packages. Select the topic you want to deploy to your telephone.

When you don't have a design, touch the "Search" icon at the bottom of the Apps Installer screen. Enter "Topics" and touch "Go". If you find an interesting topic, touch it to reinstall it. Press and hold the Force key on your iPhone. Turn off the telephone and turn it back on.

The new design is displayed when you start the telephone. Please redo these procedures to switch to another topic if you choose not to like the moment.

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