Iphone Launcher for Android 2014

New Iphone Launcher for Android 2014

A launcher. iLauncher Plus. iLauncher 7 i5. iLauncher OS 9. 6 Plus iOS Launcher.

A free iOS8-style starter for your Android phones. There are five launcher that make your Android tablet look like an iPhone, WindowsPhone and more.

The iOS 8 Launcher for Android

When Android 5.0 Lollipop was released, Android also switched to materials styling. Android' best thing in comparison to it is the number of adjustments you can make to launchers, lock screens, alerts, wallpapers, symbols and more. You are an Android customer who likes the new functions of android?

Here are some great launcher, lock screen applications and more to get the look and feeling of your Android 8 mobile device. Introducing Launcher Apps: 1st Launcher 8 HD: This is a free iPhone and iPod touch 8 styled launcher for your Android mobile devices. The Launcher application comes with pre-installed high definition backgrounds and beautiful symbols that can give your mobile a great look and feel. Easy to use and easy to use.

The launcher also comes with a safety lock with functions found on beloved and custom locks. Quickly connect to the camcorder from the locking monitor and also get an iPod 8-style front control that you can pull out from below. Two: Eight starters: Superb 8 Launcher Pro is a perfectly Android Launcher in 8 OS styling and offers a neat user interface, quick and trouble-free handling, a adaptable design, light and user-friendly functions.

In addition to the symbols being extremely conceived for the beloved shallow styling and subject, the layout of the start display and the effect of entertainment are also good. The IO Launcher: IO Launcher is a unique blend of the best of Android 5.0 Lollipop and iOS 8 that gives you a clean, seamless and high-performance launch environment.

Launcher can organize your applications directly into directories like e.g. iPOS8 and also has an animation to open directories. Launcher also features thousand of symbol types and a variety of customisation possibilities. Hello, HI LockScreen: Offers Parallax effect parallax effect on Android with full native 8 Locker functionality. You can also quickly start your own quick start application (camera, dial, watch, flashlight, calculator) from pullscreen.

Lockout Screen IOS 8: This is another easy lockout screen for Android that provides a lockout screen in iPhone 6 look with background image. Operator panel: Operator panel - Smart Toggle: The Control Panel is a pocket knife application for your Android mobile phone. The Control Center contains frequently used Android system and all the applications you' ve deployed, so you can quickly change your switching and open your favourite them.

Add the same iOS8-style controlpanel to Android with more features and adjustments.

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