Iphone like Launcher for Android

Like Iphone Launcher for Android

Influence it, however, to look and use it like an iPhone. How to get the Android Style App Launcher on your iPhone[VIDEO] Certainly one of the features of eOS, at least in comparison to its major competitor Android, is the lack of the possibility to append and relish your own launcher. However, thanks to the Java break scenario, iPOS doesn't have to be a launcher-free launcher and Instalauncher, a new optimizer in BigBoss repos, allows you to activate a launcher - just put a launcher that gives you quick and easy acces to all your currently deployed applications.

Given that iPhones offer up to 64GB of disk space and twice as much disk space as the top-end iPad, it's obvious that many people will run several hundred applications, and without Spotlight searching, access to one of these applications can be a tedious one.

InstallAuncher offers a completely new way to find applications on your home computer monitor. This can be activated by the activator gestures of your choice, and from there you can search your applications relatively easily. InstallAuncher alphabets each and every application you install and allows you to quickly browse through it as if it were a track within the Music application, and with a current and preferred booting section, you no longer have to search for that particular one.

This really brings the kind of intuitive power that is only really currently available on Android, and all in a tidy, open source environment similar to 7. Although Apple has clearly worked really hard to improve its portable platforms with the upcoming release, with optimizations like Instalauncher, we wish the Cupertino firm had gone one better and done something similar.

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