Iphone Style for Android

Style Iphone for Android

Making Android look like an iPhone (full customization) You need the following applications for the transformation: iLauncher: This is a launch that emulates the iPhone startup displays. iSettings: An Android settings page similar to the iPhone settings page. iLocker: A locking display of the iPhone model. Aspier sieve cabinet 7 (alternative): It'?s an 7-style locking iPhone notification screen:

Receive iPhone style notification and alert. Much like the standard iPhone keypad. Android: iPhone OSB Theme: A topic for the iPhone design dashboard that is compliant with the Omega dashboard. iNoty (alternative): notification center-style iPhone news service style iPhone 7: This is a messenger application that looks like iPhone news.

Parametrization 3D: To apply the parallax effect to the start and stop video of your application using addition to your application like adding a parallax effect to your application using iOS 7. The majority of the above mentioned applications are fee required applications. While there are alternate starters, lockout displays, keyboard etc. that mimic the look of your iPhone, the above seems to work best without problems. But if you still want to use these applications for free, read our articles about downloading Android applications for free.

When you' re done installing all of these applications, we can start the transform ing procedure. iLauncher is a fun alternate launch for Android (Paid App) that includes some of the iPhone startup screens functions. It' an application to make Android look like an iPhone. iLauncher is one of the best application launches that replicates the iPhone UI.

iLauncher gives you: iPhone like zoom-in and zoom-out effect when starting and stopping applications. Multipurpose searching monitor along with the home monitors. Functions to fade out, delete, insert and reorder applications directly on the home page. This is a batch storage with some links to your iPhone for calls, email, messages, etc.

Once the application has been installed, press the menu key to open an iPhone style config page for iLauncher. iLauncher' preferences page lets you activate iPad play to view smaller symbols, or the fifth series of applications to get a start window similar to iPhone 5.

Now you have an iOS-like start and find screens. Hint: If you now press on the start button, a pop-up window will appear asking you which starter you want to use. For now, just let it go unmarked. iLocker is an iPhone-like slide-lock monitor from the manufacturers of itauncher. You can also use it best with the eLauncher application.

Once iLocker is up and running, start the application to set up iLocker. To activate iLocker, slide the Activate button to the On location. Choose "Set iLocker as standard startup program" in the pop-up that will appear. Next, Android asks you to choose an operation. Activate the checkbox "Use as default" this times and choose iLocker.

Popup confirmation that iLocker is enabled. Now a new popup will appear asking you to choose the launcher of your preference. Choose iLauncher from this list. The iPhone locking monitor is now on. Use the iLocker Settings drop-down list to specify a user-defined background image for the lockout monitor.

You can use Espier Locker 7 instead of iLocker for the CIOS 7 theme locking monitor. Enable the Accessibility checkbox to allow access for your alerts and other information shown in the status bar - such as your wireless level, wireless information, loudness, date, hour, batteries, etc. - to your email address. Style and modus of the watch.

Network, Wi-Fi and notification displays. Navigate to Preferences >> Accessibility (under System) >>Switch on for the Omega status bar. This is because the application must show alerts. In the Themes page of the Topic Manger, choose the iPhone OSB topic. Turn on the status bar by moving the top right part of the window.

As an alternative, if you need the iOS 7 Notification Center on your Android phone, you can try iNoty from the same developers as iLauncher. It is also possible to switch the display setting for display of amplitude, percent of batteries and bearer name. Please note: If you have trouble starting iLauncher with iNoty already running, try to install the older version of iLauncher and iNoty from XDA developers.

There is an optional change of "A.I. Type" setting (Fourth Screen) during the activating procedure. Press the >> Go to Appearance>> Keyboard themes >> Choose the iPhone 4 themes and click OK. iPhone Notifications is a fun notification tool that will monitor and display iPhone style banner or alert alerts (available for free).

Once started, the application will scan and list all applications on your machine for you. Customize how alerts (alarm or banner) are displayed for each application individually. Several of the applications are already preconfigured by defaults. iPhone notification eligibility must be activated for iPhone notification to be able to receive application alerts.

Activate it by opening Preferences >> Accessibility (under System) >> Power on for iPhone Lite notification. Make sure that the notification for "Messages" (Android's standard SMS app) is disabled. It' t really up to you to make the setup menus look like an iPhone. When iSettings is installed, touch the Preferences button to open an iPhone Preferences page.

You can set functions such as GPS, data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. and change the display intensity. You can now access the normal Android preferences dialog via Preferences >> System Preferences. The " Manage Apps " monitor is now also available via Preferences >> Apps. Press the Menus key on the Home screen to launch the iPhone launch setting page.

The Parallax 3-D can run in the foreground and works with any Android launchers that support backgrounds. Touch the Settings pushbutton and browse to the Custom photo section. Search the gallery and choose your favorite desktop image. iPhone Messages mimics the standard iPhone message application topic (Paid App).

The news application also has an iPhone like notification system. You can also create InoMail and iPhone messaging applications in the application and make their symbols look like the standard iPhone icon. Keep the news symbol pressed on the door. Like the iPhone, a X will appear in the upper right hand side of the symbol.

Locate the iPhone Message application symbol on the homepage and drop it onto the cradle. Touch the iPhone message symbol in the door. Choose "This application as" and choose "Messages" from the drop-down list. You can now deceive your friend by saying that you succeeded in installing your own version of android!

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