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The tension is rising in the run-up to the annual market launch of Apple's iPhone, which is scheduled for Wednesday evening. iPhone and iPad themes in the App Store Over 1000 (iPad 900) handcrafted designs that match perfect on iPad 7 and iPad 8 - customize your design's intensity, lightness and sharpness. - Work each subject to your liking! - The iTheme is a universally applicable application - iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad compatibility!

Resolution available for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Topic editor included: Customize any topic to your liking! Create your own uniquely created topics! Create your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with breathtaking and personalized wallpapers! Retina resolution is available for all topics! "You can optimize and manipulate the design you select to ensure that it is exactly what you want..." Instructions:

It is not possible for all of your images to be changed and there will be copies. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Consumer expectations of Apple's new iPhones (infographic)

The tension is rising in the run-up to the yearly market introduction of Apple's iPhone, which is planned for Wednesday night. According to rumors, the corporation is revealing a new release of iPhone X with a 5.8-inch display, possibly named "iPhone XS". A new generation of its Smart Watch is also anticipated to come onto the market, while an upgraded iPad Pro is possible but unlikely to be released.

Apple's iPhone has come a long way since the first release of the iPhone at the end of June 2007, but the latest mobile phones are by no means ideal, as prospective consumers are looking forward to serious enhancements in the future. As with many other smart phones, a USA Today poll found that longer charge is the most wanted characteristic of Apple's new iPhone. 75 percent of respondents put it at the top of their lists.

Obviously, not having an iPhone can be expensive, so it's not surprising to see a shatterproof display in second place, with 66 percent considering it their most wanted function. In contrast to HTC and Samsung, Apple has never provided extensible memory, and that's third place with 44 percent.

It' s interesting to note that many Apple users long for the earphone socket to be returned, with 37 percent losing the function that was reinstated in the morning, although the odds are against it.

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