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The Iphone Theme App

Select a theme you want to install. Selecting a theme is easy; on the main iSkin page there is a carousel with highlighted themes for browsing. After selecting a topic, scroll down the page and tap "Application Icons". Check out all my apps!

Getting to know the icons of the Home screen app on your iPhone without breaking out of prison " iOS & iPhone

Whether you believe it or not, there are many ways to adjust the symbols of your app in your ISP. Besides the installation of applications with user-defined symbols, one of the simplest options is iSkin, whose website contains a dozen of topics and user-defined apps for selection. No matter whether you want your home video to look old-fashioned, contemporary or somewhere in between, there is an iSkin iconic package for everyone - no need for jailbreaks.

Now, there's a catch: iSkin doesn't really substitute your actual app icon for a user-defined one. Instead, you are downloading "bookmarks", symbols that are written with a schema name that is uniquely URLable to the application. By tapping on one of the "bookmarks", you start the corresponding app. Although it's chunkier than using the applications themselves, iSkin's favorites are among the best ways to create customized app icon sets on your iPhone.

A drawback of using iSkin over user-defined favorites is that it is compatible - you'll find that some (or many) of the favorites you downloaded don't really work. Naturally you can erase the erroneous symbols at any time and keep the good ones. A further disadvantage is that you will have more symbols on your home page, although it is simple enough to ban all the genuine app symbols to a directory that is not in the way.

This is the best way to get user-defined symbols if you agree that you need to reorganize the home page. Navigation on the site can be a bit scary at first, so just go through these easy tasks and you'll have your own app icon in no time. Selecting a theme is easy; on the homepage of iSkin there is a roundabout with selected topics for browsing.

If you find a topic that interests you, you can type it. You can also toggle down and press Search All Topics to view all iSkin offers. Here, too, just touch on any topic you want to resume. After selecting a topic, move down the page and touch "Application icons".

" As a result, all symbols of this theme are loaded into the display, so that if you choose not to like the look, you can return and find a new design. Although you can choose single apps one by one by touching each one, it's harder to find out how to get them all at once.

All apps for this topic will be prepared for downloading. To cancel the selections, touch each symbol. When you are satisfied with your symbol choices, browse to the bottom of the page and click on " Create Design". iSkin will then create a config file for you, which you will need to have installed on your iPhone to get the symbols.

Touch "Allow" when asked to proceed. iOS will then start the Profiler installation. Touch "Install" in the upper right hand corner of the screen and type your iPhone password when asked. Touch Install again, then touch the Install pop-up again. Once the preset has been captured, you should see "Done" in the upper right hand part of the screen.

When you' re concerned about the installation of a config file from a website, you can always adjust your application symbols by hand with the help of Customizer 2, although it's a much more work, because you have to select pictures for applications individually. You still need to set up a profil, but it will be your own profil.

You have successfully uploaded a number of app icon on your home page. However, this does not substitute for the corresponding applications, so you may want to move them to another monitor or put them in a directory to organize things. Be sure to try out all your new symbols to erase any that don't work.

So if you have a topic in your head that you don't seem to find on iSkin, why not make your own? Our guidelines will tell you how to create these by yourself.

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