Iphone Theme for Android

The Iphone Theme for Android

Go to the icon theme and select your icon package from the list of icon packages. Are you looking for iPhone themes for Android to give your smartphone a look of iOS? These are the best apps and iOS launchers for Android.

What it takes to make your Android look and touch like an iPhone.

There is not a android " look. Android can and will often look like everything else under the sun: beautiful, nasty, clean, occupied, material, holo, vintage, future, and sometimes even Apple-y. Now, it's not possible without a special R&M or a telephone that' been conceived to look and act like an iPhone - think Xiaomi, Huawei or a few other China brands.

In between these applications and a little bit of patient we can make your new telephone act and much more like your old one... in a good way. It' an area that puts many former iPhone customers in a cycle as the home display experiences can differ greatly from Apple's basic apple and file grids.

As Apple end users tended to be living in the so-called Apple iPhone Tray, Android end users have home monitors on top of the Apple iPhone Tray, so most applications are out of the way and only what they want to see appears on the home monitor. Many launcher try to copy or simulate the iPhone, and to be honest, this is an optional extra.

To have all your applications on the home page instead of an apple tray and a 5x4 lattice with a dock, just go ahead and get a launch software such as Hola or iLauncher. Symbols are no longer the same and speed-sets are not available, but you get 93 per cent of the way back to what you had.

Do you want the fast settings on your home page or uniform symbols - or even precise symbols that fit your old telephone? Now, this will not be an easy installation and commissioning, but with the Nova Intro and a little bit of free play we will create a magical experience. Well, for those new to our small Android nightclub, Nova Launcher is a very beloved and adaptable third-party home launcher. What's more, Nova Layers is a very easy to use and easy to use home theater.

With Android, Android customers can modify their whole home experiences by simply download ing a new version of the basic launcher. They' fantastic, and there are a lot of good launches out there, but today we stay with Nova, so we can get down and get filthy in Nova Settings to get as near as possible.

Create an iHome Screen Layout in Nova Launcher: Install Nova Launcher in the Google Play Store. It' free, although I strongly suggest you buy Nova Launcher Prime ($4.99), so you get all the functionality you need, plus the gestures we'll use later for Quick Settings.

Launch the Nova Intro. If you are asked, choose Nova Launcher as the standard startup program for the home page. Now open the apple tray (the six points in a circular pattern in the middle of the dock). Go to Nova Settings and then Open the Desktop. Now open the Mesh on the Desk and extend the Mesh from 5 to 6 by moving the actual line number (5) up until the 6 replaces it and the Prescan Mesh displays six lines.

Scroll down in the Desk Preferences and switch to the Add to Home dialog box. Hint: Most browsers don't like this option because it puts everything you are installing on the home page and not in the application tray. If you' re an iPhone user and used to having an iPhone in your home tray, it might be better to save all your applications on your home page so you never have to look at the iPhone table.

Touch the Back key to go back to the Nova Settings submenu. Click the open buttons and move the 5 to the right until 4 occupies its place and you will see four rectangles in the Prescan Bar instead of 5. While this allows our batch to align with our desktops array, it also means that your batch may look imbalanced if you want to use the application tray.

Go to Nova Settings and then Folders. Choose Raster in the Folders pane. Choose Custom in the Wallpaper pane. Browse to and choose the wallpaper file you download. Touch the Home icon to go back to the Home page and review your new mesh. Now your grids will look like they did on your iPhone, but the symbols won't appear yet.

Android' symbols are much more varied than the round fields on which Apple persists on all symbols in the App Store. Fortunately, however, the Google Play Store has a set of symbol packages that give you symbols in this form. The Adrasta (Free) is a round quadratic iconic package that looks quite good with a light pallet and clear ligne.

There is also a mask utility so that uncovered symbols still lie on a round rectangular. There is also a beautiful selection of alternative symbols that you can work with. The Beluk ($0. 99) is a super-rounded quadratic iconic package that blends perfectly with ludicrous pop-off-the-screen colourful motifs or with more sophisticated, subdued wallpaper.

Apply an Apple-like symbol set: Download and download the Google Play package. Go to Nova Settings and then Look & Feel. Do this. Go to the theme of the shortcut and choose your shortcut package from the shortcut menu. Press the Home key and see your beautiful new symbols. If the symbols in the launch tool look too small, you can disable the normalization of the symbol sizes in Look & Feel to increase the symbol sizes.

As a Nova Launcher Prime customer, you can magnify your desktop, Dock, and App & widget load symbols by using the Item Layouts checkbox in each of these menu options. When you necessarily need to have positive symbols from your iPhone, you can have them. Anyway, you need to make each one you use a customized symbol.

Please dowload the stick icon for diffantart users LutschGabriel or the icon for diffantart users deltafalonso. Now you need to unzip the symbols with a files management application like Solid Explorer. Long push one of the application links on your home page that you want to substitute.

Touch the symbol to modify it. Instead of selecting an item from a package, touch Gallery Applications. Choose Dokumente to open a Browse Discussion Mode. Locate the directory where you stored your bearing symbols and choose the desired one. Ensure that the thumbnail contains the whole symbol.

Touch Done to validate your user -defined symbol. Take a beverage and follow step 1-11 for each symbol for which you have an iconic symbol. If you are already there, retrieve your applications in the order you want them to appear on your home page. So we made our home page look like an iPhone, we have symbols that look like an iPhone, what about a background image that looks like an iPhone?

You can also find a wide range of wallpapers applications that adds the effect of para-lax to your wallpapers to further imitate the iPhone, but most of them just aren't really good for the amount of your mobile you have. When you want your background image to move, you can enable the background image scroll in Nova Settings > Windows Explorer > Scroll > Scroll > Background Image Scroll.

Frankly, the Quick Settings hue in Android is quite respectable, on some machines it's customizable, and apart from the fact that it comes from above and not from below, they're not very different. The gestures of the Nova Launcher Prime even let you adjust Swipe Up to extend Quick Settings.

However, if you want a fast setting window that looks more trusted, there is an application for it. Smartcontrol will add an overlays to your display that will display a fast setting window that is remarkable Apple-like and quite fast reacting. However, since it's an overhead layer, it can disrupt gesture and control in other applications, so keep this in mind when playing a large number of different titles or scroll up and down a game.

Even if it crashed while it was a superimposition of the display, you may need to carry out a hardware rescue to recover your device's controls. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you use the Quick Settings Bar that comes with your mobile handset. There is no iMessage for Android. Now there are a bunch of different text message applications with different text message style, but I think Textra is coming quite near while it's still stuff and it's still plugging into your new Android system.

Even have new news pop-ups with fast response like you did on your iPhone. When you' ve had problems with your text messaging since you came to Android, learn how to get your text out of the steel handle of iMessage. When you want to use Android Pay, you can stop browsing immediately because you cannot use a third-party blocking display with Google's non-contact payments application.

You still want a locking display that looks like Apple's? Okay, there's a stunning number of copies in the Google Play Store, but HenryOS's Passcode Block has over a million installations and over 35,000 previews, balancing the adjustment with a very loyal "homage" to Apple's user interface. Well, if that's not your pace, look at our favourite calendars for Android.

Can you get your Android cell handset anywhere near an iPhone? Do you have applications that recall the other side of the portable eco-system? If you are new to Android, be sure to visit our forum to get help with your new cells!

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