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This is probably the best and most popular iOS launcher to make your phone look like an iPhone. Get free Apple Android themes on your Android phone and tablet. Android and iOS free games without Wifi.

Get 6 cool iPhone designs for your Android phone

Perhaps you dislike the notion of disguising your Android mobile to look like an iPhone. Maybe you wouldn't object to a new feast for the eyes on your cell phoney. One way or another, the fact is that there are a large number of themes designers just wait for downloaders to give their applications a shot.

Now, today we will take a look at 6 of these painstakingly designed iPhone themes for Android that can give your mobile a fresh dosage of round off iPhone symbols, backgrounds and cues. Whilst you can find a number of chargeable themes that can offer you even more customisation choices, those on this page are free and will make you look like a tight little sister of the iPhone.

All of them demand that you have at least one third-party launcher/homescreen substitute application, but most of them are free and very well reviewed. The ADW Launcher is one such launch system. If you want to add topics that you can use with other common starters like GoLancher Ex and even LauncherPro, more!

When using another launch system, such as ADW or LauncherPro, do not be concerned. There is a similar design for all three launches that includes the classical symbols as well as a few more batch and background image choices. Designed for ADW launcher 1.3 use. O+, launch Pro 0. 86 or even Go launch 2.

35+, this topic will offer a good looking launch with classical symbols, background andounds. When you like the icon of your system, but don't care about a few changes, this design should be for you. You will see that the background of the symbols is more colourful than on the initial deck, and even the background image is different.

What makes this topic special is that it comes with an application link for the tray, so you can scroll through the background, sound, etc. of the topic, unlike other topics where you have to scroll through the starter settings. You can find more background information, symbol kits and sound files in the full game.

In the iPhone inspiring designs, we take a look at this topic, which packs all the symbols into round shapes in dark color. Available for LauncherPro, ADW Launcher and Go Launcher EX and as a tray application, this design allows you to search the theme's offers without having to go through the Launcher's settings.

In the past I thought blacks were a little dull, but the last and the present blacks certainly showed me the mistake. Just like the last one, this one features a number of stylish and stylish symbols, wallpapers and more. The multicolored Apple background may be a little too much for Android pureists, but I can't help but think it's beautiful.

The topic produces slightly more figurative symbols and clean but trusted overall appearances. The beauty of it is that the market even has application and widget referrals on the market for the ultimative iPhone-ish look. You will see that this topic is iPhone based, and even the desktop image is very similar to the standard rain drop desktop one.

I finally stored my favorites, the iPhone Epic themed. It' incredibly colourful and has groundbreaking symbols (reminds me a little of Puppy Linux' initial iconset). When you need a fresh dash of colour, I would definitely suggest this topic. This completes our iPhone based design for Android.

Would you like to add some topics to this series? Please let us know about your favourite topics in the commentaries below!

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