Is it a Wordpress site

It' a Wordpress page?

Often, the design of a website gives no indication of the platform it is using. When you visit your website, it will look something like this: For most users this is not very appealing. Don't worry, there are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes that you can install on your website. I will explain the advantages and disadvantages for website builders and Wordpress.

To tell if a Web site uses WordPress

When WordPress pages were like WordPress pages, there was a period. Header and footer lines all seemed a little general, the pages all seemed to have two-column layout, and the side bars all consisted of the same broadgets. These days I'm quite sure that there's no longer a single mind that can tell for sure whether a website is running on WordPress or not just because it looks at the look of a website - unless they see the subject.

How can I tell if a website uses WordPress? Pay attention to "WordPress" in the bottom line! In that case it is noteworthy (just in case you haven't even noticed) that many WordPress pages say something like "Proudly Powered by WordPress" in the bottom line! Now, sometimes because the website owners are really proud that their website is based on WordPress.

However, many WordPress-based Web pages do not include WordPress in the bottom line. A further way to determine whether a website is running on WordPress is to attach /wp-admin to the website address. If the resulting page (after pressing the Enter key, of course) displays the WordPress logon dialog (or something similar), there is a good chance that the page will run WordPress.

Intermediate user can, however, select to hide, move, or even password-protect their logon screen to provide an additional layer of protection and privacy. Although a good outcome is WordPress, a bad outcome does not necessarily mean that much. It should then open a new HTML full page where, when WordPress is active, you can see link to folders like "/wp-content/" and "/wp-includes/", both of which can be found easy by looking for "wp-".

If you see one or the other (probably both), then you can usually be quite sure that the website in use WordPress! If it is WordPress (free) - just type in the appropriate domains and press return. Do you know other ways to see if a website uses WordPress?

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