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They can earn money with the technical support of WordPress. Monetize your WordPress blog/page. Consider advertising, donations and sponsored content. Was Time Is It is a lightweight plugin that allows you to create and customize your watches on your website.

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So if you ever asked yourself, "Does this site use WordPress?", you had to take some extra research into it. You can now quickly review any website with our free Is It WordPress on-line utility to find out if a website runs on WordPress. You know someone who has a website that is not run by WordPress?

Let him see WordPress. He will be thrilled by the performance and simple operation.

WordPress - what is it?

WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, WordPress. Which is WordPress (WP)? Like my coffees and my strong beers, I like WordPress way too much. Are you interested in WordPress, you are right here. When WP is all new to you, don't be worried, as this paper sheds a little bright lights on the fundamental WordPress issues you should know from now on.

What is WordPress? WordPress - what is it? To anticipate: WordPress is just a CMS (Content Mangement System). However, this was not the case about ten (10) years ago when WordPress was just a blogsite. Today, besides blogs, you can use WordPress to create and run all kinds of high-performance Web sites.

Allow me to run the technology map and WordPress is a PHP and MySQL based piece of code. It' part of the beta/cafelog logging solution. Who' s giving a damn about how it all started with this WordPress thing? During the first three months of 2003, Michel Valdrighi - the man behind c2 - dropped off the face of the ground and caused Matt Mullenweg to branch off c2 to upgrade the application and meet his blogs requirements.

WordPress has since expanded by leaps to become the most popular and widely used blogs platform/CMS on over seventy (70) million websites. The WordPress application represents style, usability and the best web standard. Matt' s dream was to create a blogsite that was so easy to use that it would remove the web publishers' web publication challenge.

Participants from around the globe are continuing to build on WordPress, so you can look forward to the platform's increasing features, benefits and appeal. WordPress is "free" - why? Once I advised him and wrote him ratings for their services, I got a free web site to host. Having broken my brain for a whole weeks or so, I chose to go to the store and offer WordPress web Hosting to some of my friends.

I' ve created a great WordPress website, including a few Facebook advertisements. Among other things, I would also calculate the cost of web site management. Even the most amazing part, after I explained that I didn't sell WordPress, but for webcasting ( + administration duties like setup, installation of topics, etc.), she made it look like I wasn't getting through to her.

Maybe my market was too big because the few guys who made contacts didn't get why I should pay for open code music. "The WordPress is a free man. Free, free and free, stop trying to take our moneys. I' ve put this on hold now, well, because I was selling the rental accommodation and there' s just too much you can deal with at any age.

One of the free designs in the WordPress repository was chosen, but the functionality just didn't work. It' s enough to say it was a first-class WordPress topic. Notice that I am not complaining but someone needs to shed some light on this beast named Open Source or Free software. First, WordPress is free as far as liberty is concerned, and second, you don't need to spend a penny to get the WordPresscript.

Now you can start downloading WP and installing it on your PC. With respect to Liberty, you are free to run, redistribute, copy, modify, and/or enhance WordPress without first obtaining agency approval. It is free of charge free of charge which was developed by a team. WorldPress is considered free of charge because it respect the liberties of the user and the general population.

Do not contact any organization to purchase the WordPress scripts - they are free to download and use. However, you will need a Web Hosting account and a domainname to have your WordPress site on the Web. Some businesses earn billions with WordPress hosted, supported, premium topics and plug-ins under management.

Nobody makes profit with the sale of WordPress, thecript. So, again lessons, why is WordPress free? Therefore, WordPress is not in the possession of any individual or group. Have a look at What is Free GNU Free Software to find out more. is the website where you can find WordPress and a number of free downloads of topics and plug-ins.

On the many small pages you can find out more about the WordPress projects and keep up with the vine., on the other side, is a free online tool that allows you to get up and running in no hurry with a free WordPress online blogs. Yes, you get a free blogs, but the functions are relatively restricted and less agile than what you would get with the taste of WordPress on

WordPress, which you yourself are installing, gives you all the fantastic WP functions, but, as we have already said, you need to buy your own domainname and your own webhosting. When you want to launch a corporate website in an intelligent way, you want to work with as distinct from

As most web host companies offer one-click WordPress installations, you only need to buy a web host bundle and aomainname. You can always find a lot of WordPressutorials and how it works on the web. See also our contribution to WordPress samples to see how favorite WordPress trademarks use WordPress.

Do you want to toy with WordPress on your computer? Have a look at these WordPress tutorials: Would you like a free WordPress-based blogs with restricted functionality to capture your casual thoughts? Visit Would you like to launch a WordPress-based on-line shop in just a few moments? Dear readers, we also offer you the free WordPress Blogsetup, so that nothing can stop you.

Unless you really don't know why you should use WordPress over the countless other CMS out there. When I first learned about WordPress and saw it, I had no clue what I was up to. Throughout my whole lifetime I couldn't find my way around WordPress or a webmaster.

"WordPress downloaded and then installed on a web site? "I was totally doomed, I almost gave up WordPress forever. I am happy today that I have never chosen this path, because I can start a WordPress-Blog at any time. Now I' m even making a few dollars doing the WordPress blogs while providing tech supp, so yes, I'm happy I never gave up WordPress.

WordPress is the simplest CMS available. It' s free to set up with one click and provides a huge selection of topics and designs to select from to put your new website up and running in just a few moments. At first WordPress may look daunting, but as soon as you walk through the doors, you'll see how simple it is to use and use.

WordPress makes it really easy to do web publishings, from creating WordPress to creating theme, plugin and work installations. Featuring tens of thousands of free and premier topics, plug-ins, add-ons, and widgets available, there's nothing to stop you from creating a website right out of your own box. Create your own network of blogs, newsgroups, journals, arcade, review and more.

Since WordPress is free programming language, you can change the original program to create any web app you like. I' m telling you, WordPress is flexible. In addition, you can increase the safety of your WordPress site quite simply with features like blogsVault and plug-ins like iThemes Safety. WorldPress also offers the best antispam solution.

WorldPress is very versatile and scaleable and cannot be convinced by anyone of the opposite.

There may be restrictions on your web servers, so make sure you have a great hosting before thinking about discarding WordPress. Every new and different working week more WordPress enthusiasts gather around the WordPress team. By leading creators, simple-user, blogger and other collaborators, WordPress is home to everyone. In the WordPress Suport Forum you can ask a unique number of questions and get more responses you will ever need.

Worldwide, word pressers organise WordCamps and Meetups. However, all these and other things have nothing to do with this one thing, or rather: you can make cash with WordPress. It was hard to believe when it began as a basic blogsite that WordPress could make a living. When you want to earn cash with WordPress, you have several options.

I' m not going to go into detail because Joe Fylan has already posted a great article about proven ways to make good business with your WordPress website. Here is a short list: You can earn cash by designing and marketing high-quality WordPress topics, plug-ins, add-ons, scripting and wide screen applications. They can earn cash by Bloggen and provide contents on WP, e.g. Blog, eBooks, course.

They can make a lot of cash by advertising WordPress related software, i.e. topics, plug-ins, add-ons, widgets, blogs, managed WordPress hostings among others. They can earn cash with the WordPress tech supports. Monetise your WordPress blog/page. Turn over your WordPress page for a flat rate and take a vacation. That' s how good WordPress is.

WorldPress is not the property of a specific group of persons. Ranging from blogs to web designers, small business, celebrity and multinationals, all of them seem to have ate the WordPress sweets. To get an insight into the major WordPress brand names, visit the WordPress Site Showcase or 15 Big Name Brand names that use WordPress (and why).

Would you like to join the ever-growing WordPress comunity? WordPress is child's play to start with. Now you can go to this moment and start creating a free blogs. You' ll get a WordPress-based blogs in no time at all, but the functionality is finite (and in some cases not available until you upgraded to your $2.5k per months worth VPN program).

From you can downlaod WordPress, installing it on your computer and testing the water. Webhosting accounts can be purchased from any of our featured web host sites, such as Bluehost, SiteGround or WPEngine. In addition, we setup your WordPress free of charge!

There are no conditions - just get your webhosting plan via one of these links: The Bluehost and Siteground provide one-click WordPress installations so you're in good hands. What's more, you'll be able to use WordPress with just one click. The WPEngine is a premier WordPress hosted solution. Your services are entirely geared to WordPress, so you should be in good hands with them.

Do you already use WordPress or would you like to join us?

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