Is Sitebuilder Legit

The Sitebuilder legal? (SB) is an online website builder that I've been thinking about for some time now. Ratings Sitebuilder | Customer Service Read Ratings It is a common lure and counter type - come with a low rate, up-sale and make sure you keep the barrier-by-barrier settlement for cancellation (e.g.

if you need to call them during their office hour abroad). In spite of the user-friendliness and some beautiful layouts, you don't want to deal with this type of enterprise.

We will forward your request to other members and the organization! Made a big error to deal with Sitebuilder and wish I had seen it here first. In addition to the fact that their client services are terribly low, their template cannot be adapted without much expense and expenditure of human haste. I' ve never experienced such a terrible website hosted before.

Now they think my name is a price to pay so I can switch to a serious, dependable webmaster. ALWAYS DO NOT use the Sitebuilder. For every problem you have, this firm has written news, I lost my images every third or third tradingday. Site Builder is not dependable at all. Horrible and deceitful society, below average performance and poor services.

Sitebuilder does not allow you to generate pro e-mail unless you purchase the services of Sitebuilder. You must buy this from the G-Suite, and each e-mail costs you an extra $50 from the G-Suite plus the site's maintenance charge.

Also, this firm is very fiddly, it includes you immediately in a 2-year servicing agreement, immediately after you have pressed the buy buttons and without notifying you beforehand. Horrible assistance. This is DON'T TREAT HER. First thing I knew about my website not working was when a client was telling me.

Totally nasty facility payed for 2 years got the first year and because the domains were not refreshed, I've now forfeited the next year of Hosting and then, to top it off, they just withdrew 16 from my bankrolling for the domain I don't have since it's run out!

If you want to keep your goddamn cash, don't let these guys get away! Nasty firm to be dealing with! Horrible society, horrible waitress! There is a 2 year hosted schedule that I can't use because they don't back it up or because they have a panel. I' ve been at Sitebuilder two sites since 2015 and every year end of the year I have been threatening to download my site when it comes to renewal I have inexplicable fees that I need clarification on, but nobody reacts to it!

Two years ago I tried the free Sitebuilder game. Talked to the firm, but I didn't get an answer. Made contact with the firm enclosed with the money, she said it was from her affiliate Sitebuilder. And then I got in touch with them and explained the whole thing to them. I would not suggest it to anyone, very sophisticated commercial practice.

Be careful with Sitebuilder, no transparence. AVOIDING AVOY AVOY AVOY AVOY AVOY! Those pages look like a dog meal on my mobile even though they look great in editing mod? Pickaweb pays for a repair here and we are sick and tired of having to repair it all the time, which makes our business still look very good for all our customers, and it's no wonder that we don't get requests from these pages....

In spite of many troubles from the very first days (and Pickaweb has informed me that we are not the only ones with problems), it seems that Sitebuilder hasn't solved all these running troubles yet. The only way to get them to look right on the phone seems to be to make large spaces between the text and keep them in editing modus, which means I have to gradually work on and revise them as I publish and check how it looks on my phone.

l concur with the bad accounting practice. Generating an account that composes my name from what I entered as my username, they determined that the site was the USA, even though it was for my firm in Europe. Just request your business now. Receive true information from customers and answer your feedback.

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