Is Squarespace a web Host

Squarespace is a web host?

I want to start a website & podcast. Is it possible to host a website created with Squarespace on GoDaddy?

why: if I create a website for my customer in Squarespace and listen to GoDaddy first, can I switch to GoDaddy to host it later? You can' t create it in Squarespace and host it in GoDaddy, Squarespace is both a website builders and a host.

Your website name, the URL, can be registred by GoDaddy or another service company. I agree, but the initial posters doesn't include the name of the domains anywhere in its posting, but it does refer to the web site web site web site web site web site hosting, where it is stored/hosted.

Need webcasting?

Previously my website was host by Just Host and the domainname was registrated at Meanwhile I have logged into Squarspace. I' ve phased out my Just Host login and my website has been offline ever since. Suppose I don't have to extend my hosting-account because Suarespace does?

If there is Squarespace on the web, I don't think you need it. Many thanks to them for deploying content management system and providing webcasting for both. When building Web sites on other plattforms and using stand-alone hosted service, use vouchers to buy at a discount rate.

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Site Hosting is part of your Squarespace subscriptions, so you should not need an existing host planning.

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