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As Squarespace was first launched, their websites were not SEO-friendly, but they made improvements and now have decent SEO features and functions. According to Squarespace, their websites use a clean HTML premium so that pages can be easily indexed by Google. Truth About Squarespace SEO Of all the commentaries and e-mails I get from Squarespace, SEO is by far the most popular one. Jake is now taking over this Friday session to discuss SEO on the Squarespace site and clear up some misunderstandings. It seems there is a great deal of wrong information about Squarespace and its SEO features.

The majority agrees that it has an easily operated CMS and the template looks neat and professionally, but for some reasons Squarespace can't shock the ideas that many have about its bad SEO features. Indeed, several individuals have approached Elle & Company and told us that they would make the move to Squarespace if they hadn't listened to another reporting site that is better for SEO.

In fairness, we're a little prejudiced here because Elle & Company uses Squarespace. Prior to entering into the discussion about Squarespace SEO, it is important to note 2 important issues of SEO in any blogs and website platforms. If others relate to SEO, they really do relate to the capture of your site trafficking.

Contents are the greatest influencing factor for SEO. SEO' s second most important issue is the incoming link qualitiy. Incoming hyperlinks are hyperlinks on another website that refer to your website, and they are one of the most important ways to get your website better placed in webmasters.

Getting high value incoming web pages is probably one of the most challenging parts of blogs; the best incoming web pages are those where it is hard to present them. One of the most visible ways to get these incoming hyperlinks is to search for ways and means to post guests on high-quality websites. By signing up for the Squarespace site, your site is generally optimised for SEO.

You courageously state on your website: "Your Squarespace page is already optimised for SEOs. "Squarespace wanted to provide an easy-to-use, easy-to-use interface that was already optimised for web browsing and SEO. Squarespace was designed to work without a bunch of plug-ins, and you should be aware that the absence of plug-ins means that we didn't just make it from the beginning.

Square Space periodically looks at Wordpress plug-ins to make sure they are able to do the same. Square Space already has a site map for every single site owner, which is probably one of the best SEO functions. As Moz says, "Imagine a site map as a file listing that gives directions to searching machines on how to browse your site.

Site maps help searching machines to find and categorize contents on your website that they have often not found themselves" (source). Site maps must be used within Google' own site management tool (and the site management tool of other web browsers ) to help you optimise your site. Joining /sitemap. This is all Squarespace user need to join their site map to Google Website Services (click here for more information).

Adjusting the way your Squarespace engines describe your site can affect how your site will appear in Google results. Elle & Company's model, for example, will appear in Google because the backend of Squarespace filled out the backend query. Click on Design > Logo & Title in the start menu of Squarespace.

Your website titles and descriptions will help your site's searching machines grasp the general theme of your website. For a long time, headline items have been regarded as one of the most important SEO items on the page (the most important is the total content) and appear in three important places: browser, results pages and "external sites" (source).

Fishkin, the creator of the Moz Blogs, believed in the SEO work Squarespace did. Mr. Fishkin said: "Out of the Box, Squarespace is more friendly in many respects of SEO than Wordpress" (source). It also supported the platforms in this ad: And if you're still not sure about Squarespace's SEO features, read Elle and Company's analysis.

In the last 4 month Elle & Company has increased by over 500% without focusing tons on increasing the SEO of the website. It is a good estimate that the SEO features of Squarespace have not decelerated the Elle and Company flows. Square Space is ideal for those who are interested in quickly and effectively posting contents.

Square space is ideal for those who are looking for ease. Whilst I sincerely expect you to find this article persuasive for Squarespace and its SEO features, I recognise that this is not a suitable site for everyone. Take into account what is most important in a platform: adaptation and high level of service or slightly less adaptation with low level of service.

When the latter is more attractive, Squarespace is the right way.

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