Is Wix website Builder really free

Are Wix Website Builder really free?

where you can actually create your website in WYSIWYG mode. Free/Connect domain plans show Wix brand ads on your website. The page editing is made very easy with drag & drop tools.

There are 6 good reason why a Wix Free website isn't really free

One of the latest ways to make a website is with so-called: "I' m a free website builder. "If you look for "how to make a website" or "free website", you will see tens of web pages - all saying they are offering you something for free. Real is that your free website is finite and far from being professionally (which we'll discuss more about in the next step).

Wix, along with any other website builder, will force you to keep a futile free website or make a decent payment for one. This free website is useless: The most free website builder will tell you to use your own brand. An important part of a website for the purpose of selling your brand and your name.

The first thing anyone who creates a website wants to do is link their own website to their own website. The majority of these website builder will place advertisements on your website unless you are paying to slim them down. Either you can keep your free website, which now looks like a Nascar racing cars, or you can buy to delete the advertisements.

Restricting the number of free pages is a policy by which these businesses creep up on a one-month charge. It is one of the main aims of a website to draw many traffic with great contents. The more you use your website (write blogs and post content) with this kind of bussiness plan, the more it will costs you.

There is a limit to the amount of free website space you can have, so you can only have a restricted amount of visitor at one time. When you are planning to use your website to expand your company, you need traffics. Except you are paying this montly charge, you are using the website builder's own logotype as your favorite.

Why these website builder restrict aspect of your website is because they need to arm you to make a living. You are abusing the free-market franchise by providing you with a restricted, basically pointless, free website that needs to be updated for a fee. Instead, they should offer value-added premier service that really adds value to your company by bringing you more visitors, a better rate of exchange, and eventually more people.

You should be paying for a service that is directly linked to your website's ROI. Actually begin to invest in the parts of your website that are essential for the growth of your company. Watch out for the follow-up to this article about "Premium Services" that Website Builder should offer to help you help your company expand.

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