Is Woocommerce free

Woocommerce is free of charge

And the best part is, it's free. In the end, many store owners will buy commercial extensions to set up features that are not available in the free WooCommerce plugin. No shortage of high quality e-commerce CMS, all aimed at helping merchants to sell easily and innovatively online. Usually the only drawback is that they all have a price. Everyone except WooCommerce, that is.

What does WooCommerce charge?

The WooCommerce is the most widely used basket system in the industry and accounts for over 30% of all e-commerce sites. And the best part is, it's free. Whilst it is certainly possible to create a web site and sell your products on-line using only the free WooCommerce plug-in, there are some restrictions. In the end, many merchants will buy upgrades to add functionality that is not available in the free WooCommerce plug-in.

This article will show you how to create a model WooCommerce website for your company. As this is a budgeting practice for shopkeepers, I will look beyond WooCommerce to some other issues for which you need to create a budgeting. You are welcome to use this model as a model and adapt it to your needs.

When you are determined to create a store without paying a cent for WooCommerce enhancements, this is what you can do with the free plugin: That' actually quite a bit for a free eCommerce plug-in. Don't forget the cost associated with webhosting, an SSL Certificates and payments (more to come soon).

However, for some shopkeepers, the free WooCommerce plug-in alone is not enough. Depending on your buisness paradigm, functions may need an extra enhancement (plugin), or you may want an extended functionality set that is included in the free plug-in. When your company sells member account to a website, you need an expansion.

lf yes, you need the Subscriptions enhancement. Here is a sample of some of the most beloved WooCommerce expansion prices: The price is valid for one year of update and maintenance for a specific WooCommerce site. Please be aware that the WooCommerce price scheme has been changing since the original release of the plug-in.

When you purchase a WooCommerce expansion, you must make an additional payment for upgrades every year. Don't forget the costs of your WordPress topic when you budget for your eCommerce work. WooCommerce has several free topics. But if you are the kind of shopkeeper who goes for high impact designs, you will probably end up buying a WooCommerce topic commercially.

Pricing varies, but you can be sure you will be spending between $50 and $100 based on the topic. It is not unusual that website owner buy a design just to make a decision that it is not quite right for their needs. So in other words, are you planning to buy some topics (I know this may sound insane, but it's a tale I keep hearing from site owners).

However, it is still less costly than employing a design engineer to recreate a user-defined design from the ground up. It is not unusual at this point for new shop keepers to complaining about how much it costs to set up a shop with "free" work. Think only of starting a company. In the course of a year, your charges for handling payments will amount to far more than you pay for WooCommerce enhancements.

Charges for handling payments differ according to which payments you use. When you choose to use a traditonal trader banking system, your charges may be slightly lower. However, you will also have to charge some extra account-related charges on a flat rate per months only. And, based on what you are selling and to whom you are selling it, you may anticipate some (quite a few, actually) extra handling charges that will appear on your statements each and every calendar months.

To a small company just getting started, these charges can consume a significant part of your total sales. Your lump sum prices and no montly charges mean that you will keep more of every purchase. Here is a model household bill for a basic WooCommerce site that sells real goods and accepts payment via Stripe.

I assume this shopkeeper is satisfied with WooCommerce's default Flatrate delivery. My next article will give some hints on how to reduce the costs of operating a WooCommerce website. Last update 5.7.18 to take the latest WooCommerce prices into account.

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