Is Zoho really free

Are Zoho really free?

Many CRM solutions exist on the market, but most of them do not offer a really free version. Celebrates 10 years: CRM Zoho free for SMEs with up to 10 subscribers

It' s a relatively standard usage among SaaS organizations to give away a large part of their products at the beginning and then to reduce free offers (sometimes even completely) as they evolve and age. But when the venture capitalists begin to ask about the sales increase the firm has pledged, the free offers are the first to go - and prices to rise.

Companies need to make more cash out of their latest sales lead - and smaller clients are hanged to hang up to dry. What's more, the business has to be able to make more profit out of its latest sales lead. Meanwhile you know that in Zoho we have a tendency to do things differently - from bootstrapping to our vast range of applications. You may not know that when we introduced Zoho CRM to the market 10 years ago, we made a small business case and throughout our story we have been helping many of them.

We have seen significant growth in our operations and are receiving more and more of our sales from larger enterprises. It is at this point that other firms would turn their backs on their smaller clients who were helping them achieve growth. Today, however, we are pleased to redouble our dedication to small enterprises. We are proud to announce our free CRM software for small and medium sized enterprises, Freeware 10.

FREE 10 offers completely free, no string attachments, no evaluation version, no CRM for up to 10 CRM user required by your bank account. Naturally, we still offer our other versions, such as Zoho KRMPlus, for those whose needs have changed. Well, our great free 10 schedule includes: Zoho CRM can be integrated with other Zoho CRM applications such as campaigns, support, SalesIQ, surveys, projects, reports, Google applications and other third-party applications.

Now, it also happens that 10 years ago we launched the first release of Zoho CRM, one of the first Zoho CRM solutions, so it seemed appropriate to have it as part of our first anniversary celebrations. Many thanks to all our over 50,000 clients - old and new - who help us reach this great landmark!

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