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High-performance, easy-to-use page design application for your desktops.

High-performance, easy-to-use page design application for your desktops. Easily create stunning, professional-quality documentation, complete with newsletter, brochure, ads, flyer, invitation, menus, reviews, poster, greeting card, and yearbook. Begin with a beautifully crafted original or an empty paper of any-sized. What's New in Page Layouts and Desk Top Publish? Texts, pictures and illustrations are all kept in forms.

Easily design, mix, and match your forms to produce beautiful looking work. The toolkit lets you design, edit, and manipulate the contents of your documentation, such as forms, text, and pictures, by interacting directly with the click of a button. Large choice of ready-made moulds for fast results, divided into seven groups. You can also design your own forms with the extensive design brush.

Inspectors are organised in a seperate screen and offer a front pane from which you can administer your documents and adjust styles on forms, texts and pictures. You can use the fully customizable snapping raster to help you resize and align forms. Screen is a work area next to documents pages/spreads that is not used for printing or exporting.

You can open more than one window on the same page, with separate zooming and viewing options, all in real time. Select this option to show or hide gridlines, text wrapper runs, text bazaars, glyph frames, and hidden flowers. Simply sketch forms from the ground up with the four sketching utilities. Use the Multi-Line tool to build challenging line art.

You can use the Reshape tool to reshape the geometries of library forms and newly designed forms. You can place text pillars of any form. Simply modify the number of supports, the support distances (channel widths) and the insertion distances within the mould. Wind text around any form (image) and adapt the spacing. Type text along curvilinear line tracks, around forms, and at any angles.

Valid for forms from the forms library and for those that have been created with the drawers. Add a variety of picture styles, such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD, PDF, EPS, and AI. Pictures are saved at their initial resolutions for optimum printing results. Extensive scale and customization capabilities (within each shape), incorporating rotating tiles and tiling.

Modify the Picture DPI and orient, mirror and turn the pictures within forms. Select text, line, fill, and shade colours from the default Mac OS X colour pane. Adds shade to forms, strokes, images and text. Adjusts the off-set angles, off-set spacing, colour, blurriness, and coverage. The reduction of the objects translucency will reduce the shade importance.

Customize the coverage of forms, strokes, color traps, pictures, and text. You can use fractional Omni graduation fillings as a mask. Match forms with subtle translucency to achieve interesting results. You can group forms so that they can be chosen as a unique entity for rearranging, re-sizing, rotating, cutting, or duplicating. Generate PDF documents that are press proof in a professional printer and meet all your common needs, plus high-resolution imagery, CMYK colours and font embedding.

One copy of your documents is stored every 5 min without interruption.

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