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Theme Italian Restaurant

is a WordPress restaurant theme. Designed for elegant restaurants, it has many features. Here is a list of remarkable Italian restaurants. Rotating restaurants - Dinner clubs - Theme restaurants.

Favourite Italian themed restaurant - Review by Nyfiken Trattoria e Bar, Trondheim, Norway

Italian experiance. Comfortable meals that do not penetrate the bench are presented with a grin. We have a large terrace for over 100 people. Fully equipped with roof and heating, you can admire the views of Nidelva as the day dawns on the skyline. Be free to make your own wines and your own sandwiches, we will not be insulted.

It is our primary aim to make you feel good and we will not bother you with long tales about the singular land from which our wines originate. It' s an informally laid-back New York way.

Beautiful Italian themed restaurant - Review by La Dolce Vita, Cork, Ireland

Genuine Italian cuisine in La Dolce VitaAuthor: Recently Louise CashellCork greeted a brandnew Italian restaurant, La Dolce Vita, situated at Proby's Quay. Despite being in its infancy, La Dolce Vita quickly made a name for itself with its "real Italian dishes", including those prepared on a clay pizza stove, the only one of its kind in Cork.

The restaurant can accommodate large reservations and would be an perfect place for Christmas celebrations in the offices. The romatic and welcoming ambience only contributes to the fact that La Dolce Vita offers a rural and Italian ambience that offers a wide range of exquisite local wine that goes well with the delicious meals of Paolo Perrone, head cook in Sicily.

A further Italian themed restaurant - Review of Jamie's Italian, Harrogate, England

It' great for Harrogate to have a Jamies Italian, but ultimately it's a necklace, a make. There we had lunch and took the pastas and salads off the menue, which was sensible, nothing out of the ordinary. At over £7, the jar of the housrose was very expensive, as was the syringe of apéro, which was all iced up and not a compound.

Never again have we ever had to pay so much for pastas, neither here nor in Italy, ridiculously, and never again will we. Interior is industrially designed, good sound, a little noisy. Altogether, go to the ambience, make a break from your favorite variety of pizzas you do not have too high your wait.

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