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Select any template and customize it within minutes. Customize these templates to create retail and promotional posters in minutes. You will also find a variety of free sales templates for a number of items, including vehicles and motorcycles, businesses, equipment and firearms. This printable list is ideal for garage sales or online auctions and records items for sale. A contract for the sale of goods allows sellers and buyers to determine the terms for the sale of the item(s) to be transferred.

Fifteen free Bill of Sale templates

Basically, a contract of sale should contain the date of the deal, the article it sells and its costs, as well as information about the vendor and purchaser, and a signature. However, other information may also be required, such as whether the article is for sale as is or with a guarantee, the site of the real estate or schedules for supply.

Below are some of the things that are usually contained in a sales contract: sellers and buyers: Contacts for sellers and purchasers, such as addresses and telephone numbers, as well as a driver's licence number, are used. Purchasers can verify a seller's driver's licence or photo ID before transferring money and sign the purchase agreement to make sure they are purchasing from the individual named on the voucher.

As well as the article to be sold, record the method of payments and whether the grand sum contains VAT. When you trade items and do not sell for money, describe the deal on the purchase agreement with full particulars of each of the items to be swapped.

Article description: It can be easy or it can be detailled, according to the object of sale and state demands. When you sell a car, for example, you usually have to specify the car number ("VIN") and the mileage. When you sell a product, you need information about how to register and breed it. Sales date indicates when a person has delegated ownership of an article to another person.

The date does not necessarily indicate the property, e.g. when buying a motorhome, where the purchaser does not become the rightful owners until he has registered the motorhome. Just as it is or guarantee: The sale of an article "as is" means that the purchaser will accept the article in its present condition, inclusive of any defect which may not be immediately noticeable.

Buying a product in this way prevents the vendor from giving the purchaser a full return or reparation if problems arise after the sale. If you sell something as it is, it is important to clearly state this on the sales contract. Sometimes a vendor may decide to provide a guarantee as an inducement for purchasers.

If so, the vendor should state on the sales contract what and what is not included in the guarantee and for what duration. Certain states demand a certified deed of sale when a person sells a car. Although you do not need a civil law attorney to authenticate your deed of purchase, you can decide to have a third person signing the deed to prove that he has respected the signature of the purchaser and the vendor.

The purchase is similar to a voucher, while the purchase is a contractual act. Because a purchase order may contain information about the actual condition or guarantee, it is important to carefully review the order and make sure that all conditions are understandable and correct. Particularly in the case of high-priced items or more complex arrangements, a vendor or purchaser may wish to have a third person, such as a lawyer, review the purchase order to make sure that important information is not lacking.

Even though the vendor usually submits a sales contract for a deal, both the purchaser and the vendor should obtain a copy of the undersigned documents for their use. The full amount should be paid in advance, unless a schedule of payments or other conditions have been arranged, in which case this should be stated on the contract of sale.

In the event that a purchaser is not able to make the full amount payable at the point of sale, attach a borrower's note setting out the conditions of a repayment schedule or financing by a creditor - that would be a contingent sale contract described in the template listing below.

Before selling an article, a vendor must be the legal proprietor, so that purchasers want to see evidence of title before buying an article, or require the vendor to add a phrase to the sales contract certifying his right to do so. The template for the sales contract uses a general vocabulary that you can adapt to any kind of article for sale.

This Word template contains a field for the name of the purchaser and the vendor, the date of the sale, the name of the goods to be purchased, and the amount of money that has been used. Signaturzeilen are located at the bottom of the template. When you need an absolutely contract of sale that offers security to the vendors, this template contains a clear declaration that the real estate to be resold is in its current state.

You can use this PDF template for a wide range of elements. Use the template as it looks by just completing the fields or customizing it for more information. In contrast to an unconditional sale contract, which records a concluded deal at the point of sale, a contingent sale contract specifies certain terms that must be satisfied in order to assign title.

For example, an on-going payments schedule or requests that a purchaser accepts, such as directions from a breeders kennel. The Contingent Purchase Contract template has a section that lists price information for one or more line items and computes the amount to be disbursed for each line item for you. It is a fundamental purchase contract template that can help you safe your precious moment and provides an empty schist that you can adjust.

When you need a simple sales receipt, either download the Google Docs template or store it in your Google Drive Account for later use. The template is particularly suitable for items such as clothes, bikes, jewellery or other items. You can use this template to generate a granular checklist for each kind of personally owned asset, with chapters to describe article and billing information, as well as gifts or trading opportunities.

With this Excel template, it is particularly simple to resell several items, since you can use the automated calculation to add up prizes and due sums. This template provides an overview to be followed when sellers of a company are sold, which includes company information, as well as purchasing information and billing information.

Clearly a company is a more complicated unit to yourselves than, for example, a motor vehicle - to make sure that you have all the necessary legislation in place, seek the advice of a solicitor to draw up a full purchase contract. Specifically conceived for the sale of a single animal, this sales template contains chapters that describe equine traits, race, registrations and more.

The present contract is a contract of sale for the transfer of equine property from the vendor to the purchaser. No matter if you sell an old item, a unique item or even a used sofa, you can use this template to sell a particular item ofiture. This Word template can be edited to allow the sale of a wide range of items.

Part of this fundamental firearms purchase list is to list the series number, gun model, and other distinctive features. They can have the purchaser confirm that he or she is not bound to buy a gun by making a written note of it on the contract of sale. You should seek the advice of an advocate to determine whether further information is required to make sure that you are reselling to a reputable third person and completely transfer your property.

There is a template for the purchase order item that contains a spreadsheet in which you can specify several items with specification and pricing. As soon as you have entered your data, the template calculates the overall fee. This contract can also be used for the sale of tooling, parts or other items. However, as already stated, the conditions for the registration of a vehicle differ from country to country.

Because a sales contract provides some degree of security for the seller and buyer, it is a good thing to use it even if your state does not solicit it. The template is designed for the sale of a used vehicle in its current condition and contains room to record the make, type and year of construction of the vehicle as well as the chassis number and odometer reading.

You can use this template to record the sale of all types of vehicles (new, used, etc.). Whether you want to carry out the sale in the actual state or include terms in the sales contract. Documented what appropriate methods of paying are, whether it is a barter transaction, a trade-in car, or a present to the purchaser.

It is also possible to specify whether the purchase value added tax is included in the purchase value added ( VAT) or not. In a similar way to a car purchase contract, this template allows you to specify motorbike specifications, chassis number and milometer number. As soon as both sides have signed the purchase contract and the vendor has handed over the ownership and registry, the purchaser can proceed to record the bike.

Use this template with or without additional safeguards or safeguards. The sales template contains room for listing ship detail such as ship make and number, as well as descriptive chapters for the make, build and state of the ship. In order to obtain a complete deed of purchase, you must specify the pledges and mortgages and conclude an arrangement as to how the vendor intends to do so.

To have the purchase agreement certified, include a section at the bottom of the template for a legal signing. You use this template to record the sale of a motor home or any leisure car. As well as the description of the camper van, indicate whether it contains a tag and write down the state of both elements.

This template contains fields for specifying the date of sale, amount of money purchased, as well as information about buyers and sellers. No matter whether you buy and resell large objects in your private or working lives, you should keep organised finance documents as evidence of contractually and legally concluded transactions. They can use a softwares utility to organise and keep tabs on these recordings and keep tabs on extra detail about your purchase or sales histories.

Quick and widespread deployment in your company, with its trusted, easy-to-use user experience built around how your workforce actually works, will help track and store recordings over the years.

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