Save WordPress with a Trusted WordPress Security Plugin. Currently WordPress operates over 25% of all web sites, making it an obvious destination for attackers with ill will. Restrict the number of unsuccessful logon attempts permitted per WordPress users with WordPress Broken-Force Protection. When someone tries to guessed your passwords, they will be blocked after a few tries.

One of the best ways to block WordPress is to force a powerful passphrase. Cure WordPress by making the WordPress Dashboard unavailable during certain sessions so that no one else can creep in and try to make changes. Modify the standard url of your WordPress logon area so that an attacker doesn't know where to look.

You can also download our WordPress back-up plug-in to improve your back-up play. You will need both the passcode and the passphrase to successfully login to a registered username and passphrase. Dual FACTAGE Authentication will add an additional level of WordPress safety to ensure that you are actually signing in and not someone who has obtained (or even guessed) your passwords.

Look at and fix safety problems quickly in the order in which you best enhance your score.

Additional functions are on their way to help you quickly grasp safety and solve problems. Safety at the end of the line is vital to protect your WordPress pages. Badly secured for only one WordPress username and password can open your whole site or office to weaknesses that cause hacking. SiteCheck uses a 10-point site scanner to inspect your website for known threats, blacklisted threats, website bugs, and outdated sofware.

In addition, you can search for other obsolete WordPress installations on your hostingaccount. Perfect for locations that you don't use often, or locations that don't have complicated configurations, that are often ignored, and that have a higher chance of having obsolete code. You can use the extra licence to move your website to a new domains, to implement/staging between two locations or to secure an extra website.

WordPress page administration in one. In order to get your latest preferences, disable the free copy on your WordPress page and then download and run it. Enable the trial edition and remove the free edition. Can' t I use an older one? Updating the WordPress site is one of the best safety measures for a WordPress site user.

For this reason we test this plug-in only on the latest robust WordPress release and warrant only that it works in the latest one. Is a WordPress Security plug-in able to stop all threats on my site outright? It makes it a bit simpler for you to use both. Are the ""Security Check"" functions well protected enough?

It' s developed to help you conserve your valuable resources and make sure that your website uses the best possible protection measures. Can I use this plug-in only for new WordPress installations or can I also use it on my current pages? Much of the changes made by this plug-in are complicated and can destroy your website.

Although this safety plug-in should work on all Apache or LiteSpeed and mod_rewrite or NGINX host systems, it is known that there are issues in common host environment where it lacks available resource such as available processor or memory. Again, it is strongly advised to create a full back-up of your website before using this plug-in.

EXCLUSION: Under no circumstance do we give this plug-in any guarantee of free distribution, whether tacit or otherwise. No liability is accepted for any damages that may result from the use of this plug-in. Only use this function on new websites or in a location where you can upgrade all your current hyperlinks without difficulty.

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