The iThemes Help Center is here to help you. First-class WordPress Plugins & Tools Create a full back-up of your WordPress page, your WordPress databases, all your WordPress documents, your WordPress preferences, your WordPress topics and plug-ins and more. Simply move a WordPress site to another site or another host using BackupBuddy. Utilize Flash live for real-time WordPress automated backing up (free in BackupBuddy 7.0+).

Contains a one-click WordPress Challenge Pack to activate the suggested WordPress challenge so you don't have to set everything up later.

Plan daily WordPress malware scanning to make sure your sites are kept tidy. Activate WordPress two-factor authentification, WordPress bruce force security, powerful password forcing, and more. Rather than log in to more than one site, you can administer them all from a single location. Run WordPress Admin Remote Events, such as install topics and plug-ins, add annotations, run upgrades, and more.

Functions for anyone who manages several WordPress Web sites to improve WordPress productiveness, customer service, surveillance and safety. Sync Pro's WordPress maintenance reporting lets you publish nice, meaningful stories about what you do for your customers. Turn your WordPress dashboard into vibrant, engaging e-commerce reporting for your WooCommerce® shop.

Themes Security (formerly better WP security)

Gain extra protection with our experts and professionals to take the safety of your website to the next levels with iThemes Protection Key. Password-protection - Generate secure password directly from your home page. Googles reCAPTCHA - Safeguard your website from spam. Temporary privilege escalation - Give a contractors or other person temporarily administrator or editing permission to your website that resets itself auto. wp-cli Integrator - Maintain the safety of your website from the control panel.

iThemes Brute Force Attack Protection Network automates reporting IP address failures from logon failures and blocks them for a period of your website's protection required by the number of websites that have experienced a similar assault. iThemes Protection works to help secure your website by locking down poor visitors and improving the safety of password and other important information. iThemes Protection watches your website and alerts you to changes in the file system and data base that may indicate a tradeoff. iThemes Protection also works to help you identify bot and bot files that may be compromising. iThemes Protection also works to identify bot and prevent malicious messages. iThemes Protection Network works to help you identify and prevent malicious activity. iThemes Protection works to help you identify and prevent malicious activity. iThemes Protection Network works to help you protect your website. iThemes Protection works to help prevent malicious activity.

iThemes Security lets you back up databases on a customized timetable and send them by e-mail. Functions such as backup databases and check files can be a problem on a server without at least 64 MB of RAM.

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