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IMF Trading, Cape Town, South Africa. Latest tweets from iwf trading cc (@iwftrading). IMF Trading specializes in the trade and installation of exterior blinds manufactured in Cape Town.

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IMF Trading specializes in high-quality external blinds and shadow blinds for terraces and barbecue areas. Venetian blinds are produced in Cape Town and we also provide assembly works in the greater Cape Town area. Our company designs and manufactures exterior and sun protection blinds for every client and offers various special equipment:

Can be used as a windbreak in low winches. Protect yourself and your loved ones from the sun's damaging ultraviolet radiation with our roller shades. In addition, it functions as a windcheater and provides shadow for terraces, barbecue areas and playgrounds. Our company supplies and installs a large selection of high-quality interior Venetian shutters.

IMF Trading - External blinds - External blinds

IMF Trading specializes in the trading and fitting of exterior, shade and interior blinds - made in Cape Town, Western Cape. Our services enable you to expand the use of your outside space to cover summers and winters by fitting outside or shade blinds. The blinds are custom made for each client and we provide a variety of special features:

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