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JamSession Debate - Music & Music Band WordPress Topic Hello, I just upgraded the theme and it confused the head of the menus. Hi! How can I substitute the second "leave an answer" for a request message in the portable part? PleaseĀ use the supported e-mail. However, please make sure that you are using the latest release of the theme.

May I use a wallpaper without audio? Yes, you can set the movie as a wallpaper for sliders Revolution and silence the audio from the slidersettings. I' m not talking about the slide control, but a wallpaper at the bottom of the page, say behind the email backend, as in your demonstration.

It is also possible to create a backdrop with the line attributes of the optical musician. Simply modify the line of the optical artist and in the general preferences simply insert the link you want to see to the general page of the website. Hello, not available at the Moment, but I will put this on the tab top to get ready for the next one.

Hello, please open a complimentary tickets, I will help you. Dear guys, I've been using your JamSession theme for a couple of years and it seems to work well. Well, I certainly look forward to your assistance. Hallo TEAM, actually, since I have bought the topic for quite a while, the technical stuff has outdated. Could you please help me through this interview or could you please e-mail me at baoquynh132@gmail.com??

Please make sure you have the latest versions of the theme. Open in new tab" should work, the theme does not modify this behaviour. Concerning our technical assistance - once it has run out, you always have the possibility to renew it. Upgrade the theme to the latest release and do a quick test.

Dear users of our website, Hi there, may I know which versions of the theme this features has been corrected for? Upgrade your design to the latest release, the features will work immediately after unpacking. Hello, please make sure you have the latest theme release. This was exactly the way to upgrade the jam session posttype plug-in and theme.

When you have another problem, you are welcome to open a tickets, we will help you. Hello and thank you for your interest in JamSession. Currently there is no predefined drop-down menu available for downloading a song from your computer - you can use Visual Composer to create a drop-down menu and paste it into the contents area.

Hello, can I place a picture on the home page instead of placing a film? Yes, this is possible with the Slider Revolution plug-in that comes with the themekit. Hello, unfortunately you cannot substitute the page header with an picture at the time, this function is not available. As for the topic's reactivity, it is designed to fit different display screens, so you shouldn't be worried about that.

Hello Trise, about the videoslider - this could be a feature modification related to the latest release of Revolutionlider. Also regarding the theme section - I suppose it's related to the musical instrument of the musical artist's musical instrument, this was corrected in the last topic up-date. Concerning the videos section, please open a supported tickets in our new supporting system - https://smartwpress.ticksy. com/ and we will help you.

As for the Envato Toolkit - we are conscious of this and will replace it with the new Envato Market plug-in, beginning with the next Theme update. Hello, at the time of writing this is not yet available for JamSession, but we have done something similar for our other musical topics so that we can get it ready for the next one.

Could you please open a tickets and give more detail about the features you need? Hello, in this topic there is the MP-3 Downloads section? Hello and thank you for your interest in JamSession. As to your issue, the theme does not feature out-of-the-box features for downloading ep3, but you can use one of the available free Plugins for it, such as Simple Media Downloads.

Hello, do you have the latest topic updated? Please always open a voucher and we will help you. Hello, dear to the topic, but you need some help organising the blog page. Hello, can you please open a supported tickets and provide more detail? Please also note that you have your own page template for each contribution category (event, videotape, etc.). Please open a supported tickets and we will provide more information.

I' m having some problems with the home movies section. One of my customers says that all his movies are open, but I can't get them to work on his website. I keep getting "Error occured. Please try again (Playback ID*-*)" Is this the topic or Outube. Hello, we help you, please open a customer service tickets.

Probably the videoroll was not pasted properly - a small web request is needed.

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