Japanese Themed Restaurants

Theme Japanese Restaurants

Tokio theme restaurants: Sweet, bizarre and downright disturbing. Join daemons, take a place at Mad Hatter's Mad Hatters Teeparty or nibble like a nazi - you can do anything in these themed Tokyo restaurants. Eating can sometimes be enjoyable, and in Tokyo it can be horrible, magic, pretty or nasty - but certainly not dull. Theme restaurants are one of the most beloved visitor choices and diversity means there's something for everyone.

In a themed café, as you would expect, you pay not only for the meal, but also for the event, so the cost is higher than for an ordinary Join. You will almost always have a seat fee of about 3 . 84* estimate calculated on the basis of the 500 YPY prize (prices changed daily) (but never again).

Eating is usually easy lzakaya tariff, so it may be best to go for snacks and beverages, rather than a full dinner, as you can still feel the creative process, but do not let down you. First you can fill some sensible frames and then go to these places for beverages and desserts; you will be saving money on your Pennys and also enjoying the adventure.

Are you a single restaurant looking for companionship? Visit the Moomin Café for sweet sweets and a soft crispy breeze. Formerly seen as an antoneliness tactic for clients who felt self-confident about eating on their own, the café has giant Mumin figures sitting across from you as you eat.

Eating is quite common, with salads and traditionally Nordic bread, but in the deserts the theme comes to the fore. Containing sweet goblets in small editions, available as part of some kits, and accessories such as themed cookies, gels and hot chocolate, it's a rather funny place to get a catch-up game. First of three nightmare topics, The Lockup, Izakaya, The Lockup is a string focused on the creation of a jail setting in which you are caught for the night.

Beverages in test jars and cups with suspended eye apples are certainly a great pleasure, but it is the employees who make them. You didn't experience terror until you saw five Japanese women screaming their own birthdays - just to get away from a cake-wielding creature, until the woman they point to slips under the desk in bitter despair.

Whilst the meals are medium and the rates are higher than they probably should be, it is a funny place to party a particular event and definitely an unforgettable one. The Monster Cafe is one of Tokyo's most fancy coffee shops for a dash of surrealism for dinner and it' just right if you're looking for the famed Tokyo Crazy but don't want to buy the Robot Restaurant.

Created according to the Tokyo design as a beast, the eatery swallows the latest fashions and creates a new Tokyo that no one has ever seen before. Eating is imaginative and enjoyable, and lunches are (as usual) more accessible. Alcatraz, one of Tokyo's weirdest and oldest themed cafés, is a bewildering and sometimes frightening adventure that will keep you busy for the coming month.

This place is not only graphically bloodied, but is also not scared of having to give hints, using stick sticks and semen beverages. Choose from transfusions, bowel cleaning and semen juices - all between 6. 07*estimate basing on JPY 790 prize (daily prices updated) and 6. 84*estimate basing on JPY 890 prize (daily prices updated).

Eating is usually quite common, although there are some unprinted words (don't take your loved ones with you) and parts of the human flesh made of cow meat that should never, ever be made of cow meat. This place connects to the Monster Cafe when it comes to adhering to a topic, as it is equally weird, frightening and sickening.

Pricing is what you can count on for a theme café, simple spirits begin at 4. 46*estimate basing on pricing 580PY ( pricing updates daily), nonalcoholic beverages from 3. 69*estimate basing on pricing 480PY ( pricing updates daily) and groceries range from 3. 31*estimate basing on pricing 430PY ( pricing updates daily) to 8.

46* Estimate calculated on the basis of the 1,100 yen mark (prices quoted daily). A ?3. 84* estimate is also available on the basis of the cost OF 500PY ( prices changed daily) seat fee per passenger. When you want to experience your old schooldays again or take a back seat to the everyday lives of one of your favourite mongoose figures, this school-related lzakaya is just the thing for you.

Filling your shopping cart with boundless candy is one of the delights - and whether they fill you with a sense of vintage or give you a taste of experimentation, it's great to try a few before your meal gets here. Meal choices are classic, such as Kyuuuu-Shoku, the Japanese teenagers' class meals with pasta and midday snacks.

But there are also regular lzakaya tariffs. Beverages are a lot of enjoyable, with cracking sweet coke and scientifically made aroma sets. There' s a meal policy where every client has to order a beverage and two dishes, but pricing is low when it comes to theme places, so it's not too good. A ?3. 84* estimate is available on the basis of the prize value OF 500PY ( prizes refreshed every day ) seat fee, which makes good business in view of the limitless share of confectionery.

Named down to ninja, natural to naja - this place is difficult to recognise if you don't know where to look, with a discreet front in dark grey and a small plaque. Inside the restaurants is in fact like a small hamlet, with rock cabins and suspended bogs, cascades and five small coves. Here the meal is a bit more sophisticated, with an 11-course menu with grassini schuriken and rockoup.

A à la cart meal is available, but pricing can be sharp - an accessible choice are the hot chilled pasta for 9. 23* Estimate calculated on the basis of the 1,200 yen rate (daily updates). Ninja has recently discontinued its ninja dining facilities, which makes for a pleasant break, but that's because it's more of a real ninja than an Isakaya, so you can't really just drop by for a quick one.

28* Estimate calculated on the basis of the 6,800 yen rate (updated daily) and a rate excluding spirits and pigs for 67 ?. 66* Estimate calculated on the basis of the 8,800 yen mark (prices quoted daily), both of which have 8 prices. Yurei Izakaya is another deep underground theme diner, with many spirits and gauls reminding you that you are not far away from this earth for long.

Kellnerinnen are dressed like Japanese spirits (white koimonos bound right over left), but the frightening subjects are taken from all over the globe, with head shrivelled and legs cut off, to grasp when waiters are needed. Eating is a similar prize to most zzakaya and comes with funny twists, such as Rogue eye apples and Blut, as well as spicy choices like Cremation Pyre replacement rips.

Tokio has several different Alice-themed cafés, all of which are run by the same firm and have slightly different theming. Eating is quite expensive and goes better with an evening cup of coffee than with a rich dinner (desserts are more and more enjoyable anyway). However, this is one of the most expensive theme cafés - we often base our judgement on the french fry prices, and here they are 4. 46* Estimate calculated on the basis of the value of 580 yen (daily prices updated), which is up there.

Pom Pom Pom Purin or not, this café is a very nice place on the second storey of Harajuku's Takeshita Street, full of enchanting sweets and beverages. Inside is full of large, cheerful looking figures, their themed colours yellows and browns, as well as stylised seats and decorative elements.

The network costs begin at almost 7.69 * estimate basing on the 1,000 Yen prize (daily prices updated), while the deserts are at 3.84 * estimate basing on the 500 Yen prize (daily prices updated) for a jelly (his favorite) to 9.23 * estimate basing on the 1,200 Yen prize (daily prices updated) for a pancake and a parade of puddings.

If you need a slice of Pom Pom Purine in your everyday lives, there are gift boxes and custards to take home with you. And if you like retro-style things, enter this games lover's haven and enjoy an afternoon of drink, Tetris, Mario and more. Sit down on the gambling enthrones, try a Gameboy Color while you await your drink, and marvel at the unbelievable array of relicts and replicas from bygone years.

Café owners are very kind and have a tasty home-made soda. Meals and beverages are not arranged thematically, but the room will be sufficient to make you feel well. Railway topic crossing with a maid's café, this adorable eatery has even set up its own fictitious railway operator named New Akihabara Electric Railway.

This café is small, but has genuine railway seating and decoration, with old-fashioned signage, watches and railway signposts, and even ticket stamping when serving. The beverages are designed according to the colours of the Tokyo locomotives, for example there is blackcurrant for the Ginza line, whereby the beverages are shown on a practical locomotives menu.

With Shinkansen-Reiskugeln and training similar Eiersushi your meal is arranged creative. You have a ?3 fee for services. 84* estimate calculated on the basis of the ?500 prize (prices revised daily), and the menus also include many standard icakaya dishes that range from 3. 08* estimate calculated on the basis of the 400 prize (prices revised daily) to 6. 54* estimate calculated on the basis of the 850 prize (prices revised daily).

It is a smaller and independant thematic café, Molanin, which you will also share with regular guests and local people. In Ryogoku, the centre of Tokyo's Sumo, is this place where you can sit next to a sumoring and serve the protein-rich meals of traditional wrestling. In addition to the topic of sums, the Edo era, which was the culmination of the sums, is the focus of the Edo era and adds a whole new dimension to your dining experiences.

Hanko cookware ranges from 6. 92* estimate calculated on the basis of the 900 euro per day rate to 21. 53* estimate calculated on the basis of the 2,800 euro per day rate. You can also enjoy a selection of our traditional lzakaya menus with barbecued meats, susphi and side dishes.

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