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Spear thrower browser

Latest tweets from the Javelin Browser (@JavelinBrowser). The Javelin team wants to make surfing a pleasure. Explore alternatives, similar and related products to the javelin thrower browser everyone is talking about. Javelin Browser makes it easy to browse the Internet from an Android device. Bring yourself a beautiful, powerful Internet browser for your Android with Javelin Browser.

Don't use the spear thrower browser - Misuse of rights

On this page a few days ago Steven Goh, the creator of the Speer browser, reported about the new browser he developed. So I wanted to show my help for his work, install the browser and try it out. Earlier today, I got an e-mail from the designer about my WORK e-mail in which he was advertising his WORK IndieGoKampagne.

It detected all e-mail adresses on my machine (including my work e-mail) and sent them back for later use. First, he would steal my e-mail and use it for promotional needs without even asking me for my consent, and then he wouldn't even give me an opt-out at all.

Therefore, I always hesitate to try new applications or applications that, in my opinion, require too many privileges.

JavaScript Browser 4.1.12 for Android

The Javelin Browser is a high-performance browser for Android phones that comes with a built-in AdBlock Plus release that's built right into the application, so you'll have to get back to dealing with ad windowing as you surf your mobile device or tray. Besides this interesting features the Javelin Browser is characterized by its stylish styling.

These range from the traditionally empty windows (which are not empty at all, but contain atmospheric photos) to the styling of the addressbar itself. A further very interesting characteristic is the way the books are organised. The spear thrower browser first displays the most commonly used books, so the ones you use least (even if they're among your favorites) stay at the end.

Further interesting functions are the anonymous surfing and the option to display any website in full read access which is very useful when it comes to long article search. The Javelin Browser is an outstanding web browser for Android that is a real, high-performance option for those who currently use Google Chrome.

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