Extracts, processes, produces and markets coffee, tea and plant extracts, concentrates, ingredients and flavors. espresso solutions and Nowadays, our clients enjoy our coffees in their cups and in their final cups. Because we have the knowledge and practical experience to implement our clients' businesses, we have developed strong relations. Proud of our partnership with some of our large regular clients, our medium-sized clients and our businessmen who are beginning their travels, we are proud to be able to offer you the best of both worlds.

What makes us different begins with our technological competence, which is mirrored in our own processes and the end products themselves. Starting with cleaned boiled running oil, we extracted the best concentrates of the best quality coffee and controlled the whole production from beginning to end. Proud to see your products in the final state.

Team Javo | Partner in the area of growth

At Javo, we have vast expertise in the construction and manufacture of pots and other machinery and equipment for the global horticultural and tree care industries. Ranging from a basic trays filler to a fully automatic trays line. Due to the tight collaboration with the producers of trays and pots we can ensure a perfect function. At Javo we offer several ground support solutions.

With our substratesystems, you can make perfect use of your options and options. The Javo transportation and robotic system is composed of several different components. Configurations and functions are created entirely according to client specification. And Javo's growin'. Jointly with our engineering works Novels, we are investing further in the company's success. As we listen to our clients and work with them, we have produced several tailor-made machinery.

Javo customers have direct contact to our global dealer and partner networks. In addition to our own office in Holland and the USA, we have around 40 partner companies around the world.

The Javo Beverage Co. gets 5 million dollar credit line

Substantial sales trend in the Javo Beverage Company's sales increase was fuelled by high sales trend in the soft speciality sector and required a planning for extra capacities. CapitalX Partners has provided a $5 million loan facilities to monetize assets considered non-strategic by the firm in the future and the ability to purchase new assets better performing the Javo fabrication processes.

The Javo leadership, together with its independent fund manager Falconhead Capital, has acquired an orphaned Indianapolis investment that is well suited to Javo's needs. Located on 240,000 sq ft, the 240,000 sq ft facility and facilities were held by a major aroma and perfume company that had to sell the facility. Negotiating a memorandum of understanding, Javo then turned to its lead creditor, Accord Financial, to obtain funding for an efficient completion of the property canvass.

Terry Keating, EVP of Accord Financial, turned to CapX, Accord's new device financing partners, to examine the Javo investment opportunities and identify what equity choices could help Javo's objective be to acquire this precious property quickly and at an affordable price. The CapX provided a short-term syndicated, senior collateralized line of credit using the Javo principal production site's noncurrent Assets as security and the new machines and facilities incorporated into the Indianapolis turnkey plant sourcing.

CapitalX will transform the facilities into a senior collateralized credit representing the Company's useful lives and indebtedness servicing needs. The Javo Brewerage Corporation, Inc. produces and commercializes coffees, teas and plant extracts used in the foods and beverages industry. Sales come through a variety of sales platforms, such as health care provider meal services account, feed contractors, game and convenience stores, as well as to producers of ready-to-drink beverages for aspiring and growing brand names.

Javo has brought to perfection a unique method of extracting that combines years of sophisticated craftsmanship with the knowledge of extracting.

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