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J.D. Casten: bardrop "Wow! This shit really hit the nail on the head," Slyvester Biffdrop explained when he sipped his last drops of Diet Crab Cola. Also this holiday deserves to survive its many dangers in "Escape from Epsilon", but the relaxing was soon over.

"Call for Mr. Biffdrop!" called a little kid from a local coin-operated number.

Get down to the Seagull's Grotto and get the ring back for the muse. It' over when Slyvester looses his last live or when he gets the ring. A group of seagulls flew to the Icked Medley to steal a precious ring two months ago. They hold the ring as bounty in the notorious gull's grotto.

Inspector of Mysterious Mishaps for Icked Industries, Slyvester Biffdrop, is ordered to salvage the ring. He' s at the gulls' grotto now. Located a mile south of Bologna Beach is one of the most feared areas in the globe - the Seagull Grotto. Below is a listing of some of the objects that are supposed to be in the grotto: Cruel seagulls - you are flying through the grotto of seagulls.

Egg - The seagulls have placed countless egg in the grotto. Entranceways - Entranceways leading to other rooms in the grotto. The only time a hatch opens is when Sly destroys all the balls in a room. Sikes - Sly's Escape from Epsilon gameplay has shown him that Sikes are very hot and fatal when they fall on them.

Gel dice - Sly can go through these and drop, but you can't see Sly if he's in one. Tough dice - These look like jelly dice, but Sly can't get into them. Usually you mix Jelly Cup and Jelly Cup with each other, so you have to help Sly find her way through the labyrinth of cup (counting steps sometimes helps).

Ring - The ring is located in the last room (room eight) of the seagull grotto. Since 1984 interviews with Antic: J.D. Casten is the creator of the two most beloved actions that have been published in Antic so far - "Risky Rescue" (April 1984) and "Escape From Epsilon" (June 1984). We launched his first text adventurous Advent X-5 last months.

" This edition contains "Biffdrop", his forth installment, which appeared in Antic in 1984. Antic' s celebrity playgrammer "' discovery" resides in Eugene Oregon and is a 16-year-old high scholastic seniors. Antic' audiences can look forward to Casten's largest work to date, Operations Omega, a great addition to Escape from Epsilon.

" After Casten has finished the play, it will be his first great engine programming software and will contain almost 750 Scrolling Displays. In the last two of Casten' actions, the courageous Slyvester Biffdrop (not spelt Sylvester) stands. Sadly, the writer who released Antic "Epsilon" did not tell us that Sly is a canard, so we did illustrate the programme with an Indiana Jones guy cook.

Casten' plays are characterised by rapid movements, fluid diagrams and amusing plotterbacks. He is also working on his second text adventures-play. At the age of 13, Casten got his first computer It was a Timex Inclair, which he quickly had converted into an Atari. It was at this point that he purchased the first two editions of Antic.

Casten' advise to prospective developers is to continue to practice and tinker. "Granted, Casten is a sprint coder. During his free hours Casten is reading sci-fi and phantasy, playing a whole bunch of dungeons & dragons.

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