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A WordPress e-commerce platform that combines comprehensive functionality, easy migration options and professional support packages. The Jigoshop is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress, which is the result of many years of experience of the WordPress Community & Jigoshop team. http://www. jigoshop.

com. In the initial phase, Jigoshop and the competing WP e-commerce plugin were the dominant e-commerce plugins on WordPress.

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Jigoshop 1. x has been superseded by Jigoshop eCommerce. Use the Jigoshop eCommerce plug-in instead or update if you already use Jigoshop 1. x. Jigoshop 1.x will end its sponsorship on 1 April 2017. Have a look through our Jigoshop User Manuals so you can set up Jigoshop for the first and foremost.

Jigoshop 2 was released just before Jigoshop 2 was due to be released, and I was very happy to receive very good Jigoshop 1 assistance (1.18. 3) at the very time that Jigoshop 1 assistance was due to end. I made the awkward mistake of switching to the new Jigoshop.

Although not a seamless migration, I was able to help with the migration through our technical assistance to find out that warehouse administration is not in place for variables product and image. Thank you, Jigoshop! Jigoshop has been relocated to Jigoshop because it can be refreshed and actualized in many ways according to the needs of the users.

In fact, we even bought some expansion plug-ins to enhance the usefulness of this great one. "Jigoshop " is open resource softwares. Get your jigoshop.com information. Fix: E-mails that do not show status name. A check mark for extra analysis options has been added. View your add-ons in the e-mail ordering chart. Optimise the selection of taxes in the Jigoshop preferences.

The delivery destination will no longer be changed when reloadingrage. Enables the automatic selection of the free mode of dispatch after voucher check. Selected state / province for Great Britain added. Choose Variants.

It is possible to display a report on a specific order status. Products reviews show the amount of products that have been shipped. Categorie report shows horizontals outlines. The report page shows the correct data. Report page. Fix: Notes, alerts and errors on the report page. Added: Enhanced report page. The Jigoshop extensions page. Removing the Jigoshop Web Optimization System in favour of the new Jigoshop Round Trip Optimizer enhancement.

reformats and validates free shipment and on-site pick-up modes. Unstocked " indicator for variables without available variations. Verify shopping cart positions before viewing. You can remove any unavailable product from the store page. You can deactivate an incorrect licence dongle correctly. Possibility to activate/deactivate HTML e-mails.

Fixed: Unsuitable element formats in new HTML-E-Mails. Totally new standard HTML e-mails. Increased e-mail action - now all customer and administrator action is available. Job order health variables for e-mails - standard in the management of new job e-mails. Enhanced C. O. D., Bank Transfer and Check e-mail messaging capabilities.

Added: Better supports for locally fetched email delivery method. Possibility to include several boxes in the item categories (text or number only). Trim blanks from memories before verification. Delete the ID from the Jigoshop non-cce field. Get more email tags! Beautiful symbol for jigoshop e-mails. Correct sizes and orientation of miniature views on the products listing page.

The Jigoshop report page displays the correct value of the products with Tax. The Jigoshop Report page indicates that total purchases include rebates, tax and shipment. Jigoshop warnings for networking installs. Fix: Larger header in jigoshop settings. Fix: Behavior of the miniature views of the products. The JavaScript operation is executed after the variant is displayed: jigoshophop. variant. show on div.single_variation. by default the JavaScript operation is executed.

Enhanced: Added url check to System Information page. User can now correctly choose the standard control class and the standard control state for new product. is_bank_transfer],[bank_info],[billing_euvatno] and[all_tax_classes] tags in order e-mails. Send a short code parser by e-mail to work with a new one. We have rewritten the favoricon carts counter modul. Catalyzed shopping basket page mistake. Erroneous messaging of the favoricon car by JavaScript.

Clear outstanding orders and complete editing orders will no longer be sending e-mails. Videos playing via prettyPhoto are now loaded correctly. Overall cost of your item after updating your shopping basket is now correctly computed. On the General page,'Order user-defined categories' options. Create orders in the jigoshop_orders group. Allows the installation of e-mails only on the page Jigoshop settings in the Adminbereich.

Download e-mail information only for the administrator. The [ shipin ] has been subdivided into [shipping_cost] and [shipping_method]. Standard e-mails are now correctly installed when updating jigoshop. Corrected issue where the levy tag was deleted from the shopping basket sub-total when the store administrator decided to display pricing without taxes. If you click the Create Standard E-Mails icon, a message will no longer be generated. Fix: E-Mail template will now be installed correctly after activating jigoshop.

Possibility to choose whether you want to display a price with or without taxes in the shopping basket. Possibility to choose the desired person when manual creation of a new order in the administration area. Brands, GTIN and MPN areas for products. The deactivated option in choose now is blank. In e-mails, the variables are no longer displayed if you deactivate them.

Store e-mails are now adaptable. Disappears from the shopping basket after logging in. Automated plug-in updating uses as few HTTP queries as possible. The search for updated files is now 5 x quicker. If you change the status or land at the check-out, the re-calculation of the shopping basket tax is triggered correctly. States with undefined states are displayed correctly as checked.

Fix: E-mail alerts about inventory level can be deactivated correctly. The date on the report page can be selected correctly. The addition of a new levy correctly displays pushbuttons associated with the countries selection. Fix: The trigger of jigoshop.cart. updates now transfers correct files. Fix: jigoshop.cart. refresh is invoked before updating (or removing) files.

Give correctly round rebate value to PayPal. Supports deactivated item controls in the administrator preferences. Get, create, add, remove and exist existing options - replace them with _option in the name. NEW : jigoshop.cart. mise à jour auf.form-cart-items nach Ajax cart updat NEW : jigoshop.cart. mise à jour auf.form-cart-items nach Ajax cart updat NEW : jigoshop.cart. mise à jour auf.form-cart-items nach Ajax cart updat NEW : jigoshop.cart. mise à jour auf.form-cart-items nach Ajax cart updat NEW : jigoshop.cart. mise à jour auf.form-cart-items nach Ajax cart updat NEW : jigoshop.cart. mise à jour auf.form-cart-items nach Ajax cart NEW : jigoshop.cart. mise à jour auf.form-cart-items nach Ajax cart updat. Changes to the shopping basket amount are immediately stored!

Possibility to choose the precise hours when the sale begins and ends. Promotions in each range for extra boxes. E-mails: Head of store detail, VAT number in corporate detail. Jigoshop email message coded. Groups of marketed items check the superior group for retail information. Shipment cost calculation always works with the record on the My Account page.

Fix: The dispatch duties are charged for each relevant duty group. Storage check for lower case letters. You can now see the same dates in the month and month reporting. Fix: EU value added processing for orders from the same state. Fix: The value added for the shipment will be added for new orders with PayPal default correctly. Enhanced: The get_sku() command on the get_sku () item now returns get_sku () SKU (if not available - get_sku).

Fix: Choose2 error on products, order and voucher pages. Adds the jigoshop_form form for the group integrate plug-in again. Delete several selection boxes. Jigoshop settings script handling. Prevent the same information from being displayed twice with the jigoshop_get_formatted_variation() cmd. Fluctuation rule for flushes, as previous updates brought small changes. Refresh the cash register when loading to make sure the taxes are correctly computed.

Alert when free shipment is chosen. The free delivery system calculates the correct value to make it work. Jigoshop provides a supporting page in the bottom line of every jigoshop page. The permalink option now works fine. Issues with the style of articles that do not appear on jigoshop pages. Alerts when you add or edit your products properties. Duplicate "Settings" shortcut in plug-in panels fixed.

Superimposition of Y-axis data in the Jigoshop Reports. Suppress shipment and control information from the shopping basket if the destination is not specified. Elements of the Jigoshop taskbar basing on the functions of the users.

It is possible to always choose "All of" from the drop-down list of the state. "The " Edit Products Categories " and " Edit Products Tags " link in the administration panel now work correctly. Fix: Incorrectly format the drop-down list for sending. Display of several selection boxes. Correctly charge the taxes for shipment. Verify the EU sales taxes for the payroll destination correctly. Fix: Status change on the pages Edit address and Shopping cart.

Format Jigoshop widgets. Jigoshop Widget can be added with the possibility to work together (e.g. price filter and search). Program Category Widget displays the Count correctly checkbox. Storage check Typing error. Fix: Inventory check for inventory of goods. Match 3 master files (for correct PHP verification). Fix: Incorrect management of short code attributes as a supplement to the short code in the shopping basket (thanks to Josh Virkler).

Storage check fault indication is only a caveat. Storage check for some user. Added: New: Funktion jigoshop_countries::get_countries() - return an alphabetical ordered listing of the compiled name. Added: jigoshop_countries::has_country() and jigoshop_countries::has_state() math. Added: jigoshop_render() and jigoshop_render_result() features - simple template renders. Now: jigoshop_product_list_list_briefcode. Possibility to specify the standard client state. Added: jigoshop_remove_script() feature and its JWOS functionality.

JavaScript_URL constants - for simple jigoshop manipulation from other plug-ins. Added: New: Funktion jigoshop_is_minimum_version() - to check if jigoshop with the PHP functional version_compare() corresponds to at least one certain release. Added: Added feature jigoshop_add_required_version_notice()- to add pre-formatted hints when the plug-in needs a higher level of jigoshop. Re-formatted Jigoshop master data set. The use of outdated shopping basket techniques has been eliminated, the Jigoshop method of payments templates has been implemented.

Administrator Preferences now use JWOS. The information function of the Jigoshop classes return value of certain parameters as they should. Warns you when you save your meter. The report graph correctly scaled the Y-axisicks. Adds a release code to the Jigoshop classes to easily check in plug-ins. Java script invokes jigoshop. update_checkout on corpus member when update_checkout() is invoked.

Correctly encode JWOS assets url to directories. Fix: Steuerwarnungen, if the land is with states together and no taxation is available for it. Add ThickBox for upgrades correctly. Fix: VAT is levied on the invoicing state instead of the delivery state when the goods are ready for shipment. Before you update your fiscal class, check that certain jurisdictions are correctly configured.

TwentyFourteen Jigoshop-Style. Improved identification of the available land and state at the cash register. The Jigoshop countries category - now it has the following functions: get_country($country_code) and get_state($country_code, $state_code). Verify that there is a shipment and billing option before viewing it in the order history. Added JIGOSHOP_VERSION and JIGOSHOP_DB_VERSION (old JIGOSHOP_VERSION) constant - use them instead of the jigoshop::jigoshop_version() command.

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