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The Jigsy is an easy-to-learn drag-and-drop DJ website constructor with some significant benefits for the blogsmith and the small salesman. Jigsy is the end-user site of Viviti CMS with a name that resembles a drunken parties match (that makes far too much fuss in a small apartment). Jigsy was created in 2007 by Dave Shworan and stays a small fry in the ascending ocean of the WYSIWYG website building site.

They' re not arousing much interest at the present time, which is regrettable as Jigsy's Website Builders are basically sound. Jigsy's versatility and benefits, especially for free use, justify a deeper look. At Jigsy, we are led by a small crew that operates out of Parkville, B.C., on the western shore of Canada. There may seem to be a trifle, but the fact that Jigsy provides information about his squad on the About page is an encouragement for him.

On-line DIY website builder areas are flooded positive with untrustworthy generics of slurry run over string characters from facial expressionless spammers, and these entities naturally have a tendency to shrink from supplying information such as corporate address and coworker name to prying clients. Jigsy, whatever his flaws are, recognizes his own existance. It is not exactly a heavy-weight in the box, and I don't anticipate that it will outperform such as Wix or Squarespace in the near future, but it has an advantage over many of its competitors: by integrating with Ecwid you can effortlessly set up a restricted webshop (10 articles or less) on your Jigsy page without having to make a payment.

Whilst major companies may not think this free eCommerce offering is adequate (Jigsy provides PayPal and eBay integrations for paying customers), I know someone who uses Jigsy as a free website for this very function. Yes, this is only a random sampling of one, but it does illustrate the fact that there is a sector of the industry that overlooks Jigsy's major, more sophisticated rivals.

Jigsy seems to be getting off the ground as a business lately. The first time I looked through Jigsy, I hadn't been able to register for a Premier Accounts page - the login page just wouldn't go any further, and my e-mail explaining the issue wasn't replied to until a few days later. Fortunately, the issue is solved and I was able to register for a prepaid bank without any incidents.

And Jigsy is offering a completely free map. And Jigsy also provides three funded schemes. Jigsy, they only offer a pay scheme. Whilst this rule made things easy for the inquisitive buyer, it would mean that I would have to waste less of my life reviewing the pricing section of this review - and get hourly pay.

Fortunately, just recently they introduced three different subscriptions for me, as if they were psychologically responsive to my needs. Here Jigsy will list these maps and their use. Jigsy provides Visa and MasterCard as methods of payments as well as PayPal.

They may have found that Jigsy is strangely unclear about what is contained in her drawings ("Limited Components" for free vs. "All Components" for payed users). There would be a golden-hearted angels who could actually go through Jigsy's Notepad and tell you what items are reserved for paying subscription.

Those items that are intended exclusively for payee are the following: A further strange feature of Jigsy's advertising materials is that they do not refer to the free Ecwid eCommerce solution. On the front page the PayPal and eBay integrates are mentioned, which are fee required functions, but not the free Ecwid. Looks like Jigsy's not doing her best here.

Jigsy is expected to be fully web-based. Jigsy's 321 Jigsy artwork models - most of which are portable and available before registration - provide topics specifically for a wide range of sectors, from still images to gastronomy, retail, building and more.

Jigsy designs are not pioneering, but neat, appealing, functional en abundant, so it's a disgrace not to present them more comfortably. It would be an exaggeration to say that Jigsy is intuitively and convenient to use. Probably I had more pleasure creating a stupid test page with Jigsy than with any other website builders I review.

The Jigsy gives you more flexibility to change the look of your selected topic than many other website builder. The further processing of your contents is also simple. Move the mouse pointer over one of your contents and a small text field will appear around it. If you drag the field, you can move the contents to another place on your page, and the symbol in the upper right of the field indicates edit possibilities for your contents area.

You can then manipulate any aspects of this pad, from changing font styles and text sizes, to including a YouTube movie, to selecting a different pad style for your pad - a style within a style. Even let them move your contents pad. Adds content: You can easily append your site to your own page by simply pressing the "Add Contents To Page" buttons at the top right of the page, selecting from five different types of contents (Content, Blogging, Multimedia, Social and eCommerce), drag and drop this item to the desired location, and drop it on your site.

Jigsy, like any other website builders, provides a previews feature that allows the user to see the look of their website before it is published or updated. Jigsy's previews go even further than most - it lets you view the look of your website tables and smartphones in either vertical or horizontal format!

The Jigsy has a number of qualities that can be added easily: Jigsy Blogs Tool: The Jigsy contains a blogs toolset that lets you simply build and maintain a neat, contemporary looking blogs. Apply your pictures and video to your postings, design your own style sheets so you can organize your text and pictures just like that, and modify the HTML of your postings.

Looking for a free blogsite, you could be much worst than Jigsy. Like I said before, integrating Jigsy into Ecwid allows you to yourselves up to 10 articles on your Jigsy website to be sold without having to pay for a free subscription pack. The eCommerce section contains three Ecwid widgets: Products, Productsearch and Bags.

Put these and you will be redirected to Ecwid where you can create an free bank with up to 10 products for free. Jigsy also provides PayPal and eBay services for payers. It works as you would want it to from third-party e-commerce capabilities.

Its other jigsy capabilities encompass a complete and thorough contacts page that allows the user to submit an attachment, a massive photography gallery, Site Analytics and website trafficking stats that book their better functions for paying subscribers, and a global maps. Recently, Jigsy has implemented a number of enhancements and new functions. In addition to the already mentioned new way to undo changes you've made to your website, Jigsy has added new functionality like a Disqus part, a lightbox picture view, adjustable softwares, and a layout builder that lets you basically build your own custom template.

A further new aspect - which gives Jigsy a certain amount of portable relevancy - is the new reel part. Models: At the moment Jigsy has 321 presentations - so-called topics - on sale. Although they are not as beautiful as Squarespace's template, for example, they are still very appealing and functionality, and Jigsy gives you a greater level of flexibility in working on your selected topic than many other website builder (cough webs ahem).

Also, if you modify your design in the middlestream, all of your contents, except your headline, will be transferred to the new design. At Jigsy, we don't provide portable edit or blogs managements. Fortunately, most of Jigsy's topics respond to portable device, so your styles choices are transferred to the tablet/mobile versions of your website.

Unlike some of your competition, Jigsy does not allow you to selectively modify the automatically created look of your site or create a landed page. Since Jigsy has no internal eCommerce, you need to setup your payments processors through your Ecwid, PayPal or eBay accounts. Jigsy non-paying subscribers are restricted to the use of a browsable backup Wi-Fi, while payed subscribers can receive preferred e-mail backup via backup ticket.

While Jigsy had provided forum communities for its members to debate the project, these have recently been closed, probably due to being inactive. It' not a very good indication of Jigsy's heath. Jigsy's review of Jigsy by a pro concentrates on the following: Jigsy doesn't have a large database of customers (I found some criticisms from customers about the strict page limits in the free plan).

The evaluators commended Jigsy for the following points: Again, we're speaking of a small sampling but Jigsy customers have been praising the degree of customisation, support and free bundle delivery. He is a good website creator who is plagued by less than perfect presentation polish, less than thoughtful selling talk and, measured by the shortage of new forums, declining interest from consumers.

Jigsy is not in the best positions to really compete with the big guys in such issues, to say the least. Thing is, after all, I like Jigsy. Your website creator is funny, diverse and thoroughly and intuitively. Backed by such a solid base as this, Jigsy beats under his corporate clout, and that makes me upset.

I would like to see Jigsy growing and maturing to the point where it can really compete against the leading super bowl ad buyers. Failing that - and the characters are less auspicious in this respect - Jigsy still provides high-value tooling for those whose idea exceeds their money.

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