Jimdo App

The Jimdo App

The Jimdo Creator App makes it easy to create your own free website with great web design, a blog, an online store and more. Create your own website with Jimdo Website Builder for Android! Jimdo GmbH Android App free of charge.

The Jimdo Creator: Launch your own website

Select a templat. Photo gallery. Modify text. Jimdo's WebsiteBuilder lets you build your own website with just a few mouse clicks. With Jimdo's WebsiteBuilder you can build the website of your dreams. Allows you to modify the site at any point and optimise it for searching machines without knowing how to encode. You can also modify your templates at any point without loosing your job.

Use our wide range of photogalleries to show your pictures in a wide range of impressive sizes. Jimdo makes it simple to optimise your website for searching machines and enhance your Google rankings. With our integrated analytics and statistics tool, your clients can find you and help you keep up with your progress over the years.

Bring your website with you on a smart phone or tray with the Jimdo App for iPhone, iPad and Android. Easily upload new pictures, text, write blogs and more - from anywhere you want.

Jimdo Creator on the App Store

The Jimdo Creator App makes it easy to build your own free website with great web designs, a blogsite, an on-line shop and more. Do it on the go! Jimdo Creator App has been over a million downloads and has contributed to creating some of the 20 million sites that are now powered by Jimdo.

Jimdo new? It' so fast and simple to put your new website on-line. Your Jimdo website is designed to respond instantly, so it's optimised for smart phones, spreadsheets and desktops. You can also add a little extra functionality to your app by editing your website on a computer on your computer as well.

Jimdo already? Use the app to modify your current website. Post or post blogs, upload photographs, gallery photographs, text, headlines and button pages to your website. On-line shop: Allows you to view and process your open and close orders directly in the app. Jimdo, what else can he do? Take advantage of the desktops for even more functionality, such as more shop choices, web browsing, searching machine optimisation (SEO), and more.

You a big Jimdo App aficionado? It would be great to have more colour choices (the whiteness behind the contents, for example, a dark one would be great), and I really want the possibility to create a page and keep it concealed (not necessarily hyperlinked in the menu) until I'm willing to do it.

From my mobile device, iPad or computer, I can control my website. Simple to use and the styles are gorgeous. I' m new to web designing, but this app has made everything very simple.

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