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Examples of Jimdo Blog

This is a successful combination of portfolio website and blog. 10 Jimdo pages with the Barcelona design template | 8 days Looking for the right website for your Jimdo website? Have a look at our Barcelona artwork because it is almost as varied and full of opportunities as the thrilling Barcelona itself. So many great choices that make it simple, great looking and great for your website.

In order to show you how adaptable the Barcelona submission can be, here are ten excellent sample sites from around the globe that will excite you! How much do we appreciate the Barcelona designs? With a few mouse clicks changing pictures and backgrounds you can easily and cleanly switch the look to something tough.

These discreet templates are simple to create, be it for your own small product range or your own on-line store. Web sites that use Barcelona usually focus on high-resolution photographs that stand out while maintaining a minimalist look. Therefore, it is not surprising that Barcelona is loved by performers and on-line shops.

The things we like about Barcelona: Celebrity placement of your company logos above: Barcelona is the perfect place if you have a logotype you want to present. Enables an eye-catching wallpaper: Navigate horizontally under your logo: Keeping your navigations in line for a beautiful, clear look.

Barcelona can process sites with many or few pages. Barcelona works well for all shapes and sizes, ranging from an on-line shop with many items to a small website with only three pages, as you can see from the examples below. If you place all this information at the bottom of your page and not on the side, you'll have lots of room in your Contents pane for photographs, text, and other items.

In order to show you these virtues in practice, I have put together ten examples of Jimdo sites from around the globe that look great with Barcelona. Look closely and see if this pattern is right for you. Simply click on the pictures to get your own Jimdo page idea!

It adheres to plain lettering and a discreet colour pattern. That harmonises very well with her easy but conspicuous profile on her homepage. Distinctive colours contribute to the overall neat and well-structured look of your website. There is a consistent whiteness in both the back and bottom, giving Oh So Betty a beautifully minimalist look.

In order to highlight its website, the studios focus on gorgeous pastels and sophisticated graphic art. Coming from Spain, Sami Garra uses Barcelona designs to show off her brilliant craftsmanship, which consists of tender figurines on piece by piece papers, jewellery and sweet postage. Rather than using whites, she uses a bright grey for her backdrop, which provides her with a cheerful touch of colour and enjoyment matching her wares.

It also skilfully uses navigational tools to have its shop available in both English and German - a great use of the templates. Alice and Marco, the two proprietors, decorate their website with nice pictures inviting the visitors to their guest house. Open San's writing emphasizes the sophisticated combination of backgrounds, photographs and text.

Alice and Marco's love for their guesthouse radiates through their inspirational Jimdo page. The example uses high-resolution photos of the company instead of a sound backdrop and provides a beautiful note that sets it apart from other sites. A blurred wallpaper and superimposed patterns allow the visitor to concentrate on the contents and beautifully highlight the work.

And this page is also a good example of how easy a Barcelona website can be and still is a hit - your website has only three pages! Stefan focuses on the essential on his website: The user sees a conspicuous picture on the homepage, the logotype is the ideal size and is clearly legible, the menu is easy to navigate and the backdrop is just plain whitish.

Stefan's excellent photographs tell their own tale and look fantastic. Skilfully using the sliding controller's function, É-sens switches between nice pictures that fit in well with the spa design. Wallpapers show alternate blooms of some of the plants. I feel almost like mediation in itself, following the soft changes in the pictures.

They not only found a good way to improve their website with the wallpaper function, but also took full advantages of the Style Editors colour selection: If one of the pictures drops behind the contents area, you can easily recognize a bright whitish backdrop so that the text is still readable.

Fine photographs in the back are only overlaid to such an extend that the flower is still transparent through the contents and the text in the front is still legible - an incredible contact and use of the built-intool. All you need is a great colour theme and an attention to detail, and this example shows that you don't need any unusual wallpapers or photographs.

Everything on this website is perfectly coordinated, from the colour schemes to the minimum symbols, the way in which pictures and texts are shown to the typeface ("Open Sans Condensed"). The handcrafted jewellery by Pauli Bird uses the large Barcelona logotype area and easy navigational features to its full benefit. Would you like to try Barcelona on your own website?

Navigate to Templates in your menu editor to open the Templates selection dialog, and then select Barcelona from the group. You don't have a Jimdo page yet? Launch a free page with the Barcelona submission here.

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