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Jimdo account to create a website. Signing up for a Jimdo website and choosing a domainname We' ll show you how to register for a Jimdo website every single minute of the way in this videos. Test the Jimdo Online Store free for 30 days: Begin with Jimdo Pro or Jimdo Business. I' ll show you in this how-to how to register for a free Jimdo website and what Jimdo Domains you have.

In order to log in, you must first choose a name for your new website. However, if you later choose to get your own domainname, this will work more like an intern name for your website. Jimdo Pro and Jimdo Business fee-based plan allows you to have your own real domainname, like mywebsite.com.

The Jimdo site provides a variety of different extensions such as .com,.net,.info and some country-specific extensions. In addition, you can buy your own e-mail account for this domains in these bundles. If you already have a domainname, what if you keep it with your existing ISP and refer to your Jimdo page?

Retention of your domainname with your present ISP (e.g. GoDaddy) only makes good business if you want to use a subdomain (Jimdo does not endorse subdomains) or if you want to keep your e-mail set-up. For most other situations, it is better to migrate the name to Jimdo and unsubscribe from your present service providers.

In this way you will not be charged twice for your domains. In order to refer your name to Jimdo, you must modify the name server entries for your name. When you are not sure what to do, ask the firm where you purchased the name for help. If at any time you choose to return to the free subscription schedule, you can continue to use your jimdo.com domainname without having to make a payment.

Please click on the hyperlink to your website and log in with this "Login" hyperlink at the bottom of your page. This is the place to go if you want to directly upgrad to Jimdo Pro or Business.

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