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This tutorial shows you step-by-step how to sign up for a Jimdo site and select a domain name. Domain Registration - Jimdo Support Center (English) Pro, Business and Platinum clients can sign up for a new domain at Jimdo for free within the initial contract period." Currently we are offering the following domain extensions: When you want another expansion for your domain, you can buy it as a premium domain at Jimdo, which costs a little more.

You can find the complete listing of available domain names on our Jimdo Rates page. And if you already have a domain name, you can go directly to Using a Existing Domain by skipping the step here. When you have chosen a domain you want to use with your website, open the menu and go to Preferences > Domain Name & Email > Domain Name to create your domain under "Add a New Domain".

" If you click on'Add new domain', you will see two choices. Either a new domain can be registered or a domain can be connected. In order to create a new domain, click on the first one. Then you can verify the domain you want to have. When it is already in use, you will be prompted to type another domain.

When you enter a domain that you have already enrolled with another domain administrator, you will be prompted to either link your domain or upload it to your Jimdo page. Once you have checked the domain you have selected for your domain, click on "Register Domain" to go to the domain registry page.

Complete the following blank and select the "Do not show my information in the domain holder data base (WHOIS)" checkbox if you want to prevent your contacts from being posted to the World Health Organization's Internet Service (WHOIS) data base. Then you can register. In a few moments we will e-mail you to the e-mail addresses you provided on the domain registry page.

Please open the e-mail, verify your data and validate the domain registry via the verification button. The domain will become activated soon after. Should you encounter mistakes in your domain data, such as typing mistakes in the domain name or wrongly input information, please get in contact with our support team before validating your inscription.

Did you get a different opinion? Changing your domain after confirmation will result in extra charges for a domain switch. You can find the cost for a domain switch on our Jimdo Rates page. It is also possible to ask for a domain modification if your company name has evolved or if you have just thought about what domain you would like to use for your Jimdo website.

If you would like to apply for a domain modification, please get in touch with our support team. There are two ways to do this if you have already created your domain and would like to create another domain on your website: Link an external domain to your website at no extra charge. Sign up for an extra domain through Jimdo at the Jimdo rates shown on our Jimdo Rates page.

You can do this by logging in to your Jimdo website, opening the menu and going to Preferences > Domain names & Email > Domain names and adding your new domain under "Add a New Domain". In the next stage, validate your order and finish registering your new domain as described above.

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