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Browse reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Jimdo Creator. Add a digital download plugin to your Jimdo page in minutes. Generic Press Downloads - Jimdo Please download the above screen shots in a single download. The pictures are available in PNG-version. You can download all the above screen shots.

The pictures are available in PNG-version. The launch of Jimdo in Turkey extends its range. QR Jimdo code pictures in JPG-files. Jimdo: Four years, 3.5 million websites and 30,000 online shops later..... Jimdo feature:

Samwer Brothers is investing in Jimdo.

Editors Jimdo - Free download and free review of Jimdo products

A few years ago I created my website in Jimdo. At this point, the tooling is larger than what is now available. In fact, the font sizes color & style, the spacing, the format of the banners, the logo sizes, everything we can check and customize to our tastes. Please, customize the previous versions.

They are bound to the pre-selected template, headings, spaces, and fonts, although there are alternatives. Download files could be nicer (could do without all ACROBAT/WORD logos). At $60 a year, Jimdo.com must be the best all-in-one answer for tens of millions of people who want professionally looking web sites.

This prize includes a domainname (or you can use your own ), your website hosted with virtually unlimited space, an e-mail associated with your domainname, no advertisements, and all Jimdo web-based artwork and utilities. Since it' s template-based, Jimdo restricts your choices about fundamental themes and things like fonts and fontsize, spacing within ad areas, and placing photographs and artwork.

You have a choice in all these areas, but they are finite. At the same time, it helps rationalize your own process of creativity - if you don't have many options, there is less to be obsessed with. However, after using the free Jimdo release (assigned domainname, advertisements, much less disk space), I found out that the provided template (a few tens of them) was all I needed.

Immediately see your work as it actually appears on the web, and because it's completely web-based, you can modify, manipulate, or refresh your website from any computer. As Jimdo is a corporation located in Germany, a little bit of English creeps through the Jimdo website from period to period, but not in the original Jimdo products.

Although it was developed for web designers beginners, a little HTML expertise won't harm you as it allows you to use HTML, DHTML or Java script. Or you can choose to include other broadgets, many of which are proposed on the Jimdo page. Jimdo.com and the website it made for my non-profit organisation.

When in doubt, you can use the free Jimdo edition to enjoy all the features. Even if you choose the PRO edition and end up feeling frustrated, how much frustration does $60 really buy?

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