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The Jimdo online shop seems to be a great product all around. Add an e-commerce plugin to your Jimdo page in minutes. Check out if the shop is good! One of the top addresses among the smaller boutiques, Jimdo has become well known. Now, first and most, it facilitates the operation of a shop by eliminating the complexities from the formula.

Today, 200,000 e-commerce retailers around the world use the Jimdo system. Jimdo doesn't have as many features as Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify, but it has never been their aim to be full of them.

It was Jimdo's intention to be one thing, and one thing only: an easy-to-use on-line shop system that allows anyone to buy goods on-line. Whether Jimdo is successful in this respect, you will find out in this verification. Up to 5 different items for sale. Up to 15 items for sale. Use voucher code to buy an infinite number of items. The business plans are the only ones that offer an indefinite article number for your shop.

For more information, please read our Pro and Business Plans detail. Any Jimdo template can be used for your Jimdo shop. Several of the e-commerce styles from the e-commerce catagory do not have the look of an onlineshop. When you need 301 detours, you need the business map.

Allocate a unique item number to each item. And Jimdo also processes payment by PayPal and Stripe. Whole website and shop are SSL-encrypted (https) and meet all current safety requirements. Shipment charges can be defined for each single destination in the world. Select the maximal cost of shipment per order, according to either your order value or your order number.

This allows you to fix only a single applicable VAT which can be quite a constraint in an international sale. So Jimdo's tracking what you got in store. The Jimdo complies with your e-commerce requirements. Check out Jimdo's Online Store here. And, indeed, Jimdo enables e-commerce for small providers. Those who have been using eBay or Amazon can consider taking a step towards a more customized and customized eBay or Amazon experience.

In addition, the shop can be easily integrated into the remainder of the Website builder. Jimdo also provides a blogs function, so you can use it for your own editorial purposes and reduce your costs for advertisements. JimdoBUSINESS plans cover a wide scope of functions for SEO. In any case, we can highly suggest it for small to middle size shops!

If you are looking to resell only a few items, take a look at the JimdoPRO schedule. Costing only 5 per months, it allows you to resell up to 15 items. Jimdo's e-commerce functionality can be used anywhere in the globe. Is it possible to resell MP3 or PDFs?

Unofficial ly, there is a way to automatize the sale of digitized goods. Like you can see in the screenshots, you can assign an article number to your products. Instead of the article number you need to type in the downloaded file here. Now when a client orders the digitized products, the article number will be sent to him by e-mail in the acknowledgement email.

Weebly or the Squarespace webshop is the place to look if you want a website builders that integrates and supports this functionality. Is it possible to apply more than one VAT in one state? In some states (e.g. California) selling and use duties are quite difficult. In Jimdo, you can only define a VAT for your state.

In my opinion, it makes good business sense setting this at your combination VAT rates (California + district). You are not liable for the purchaser's applicable domestic VAT rates (local district) on purchases made on-line (postal shipping). Created by Powen Shia of Jimdo. Having tried dozens of web site builder and web site tool products, I am confident that anyone can build their own web site or shop.

January 10, 2017 - SSL encoding is now available across locations and in all Jimdo roadmaps. Available for Jimdo Business only. March 26, 2014 - Shipment charges are now more competitive and can be fixed for each single destination in the world. April 23, 2013 - You can now generate coupon rebate code for your shop's clients.

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