Jimdo Email Setup

New Jimdo email setup

Create email accounts and aliases When you use a customized website with your own website (Pro, Business or Platinum), Jimdo allows you to set up email addresses for that name. Rackspace works with us to give our clients the opportunity to have their own email addresses (e.g. name@yourdomain.com) registered.

Optionally, you can buy a one-to-one email subscription or a package of ten people as add-ons to your subscription plans.

In order to set up your email accounts, open the menu and go to Preferences > Domains & Email > Email Accounts. Press "Add new account" and select your prefered emailadress and your passwort. Please note: Rackspace requires that the email passphrase be at least 6 digits long, must not contain more than 3 sequential numbers, and must not contain a percentage symbol (%) or part of youromainname.

Cannot have the following password: "Password". When using an off-site Jimdo site with your Jimdo site, make sure it is securely linked before attempting to use Jimdo to generate email for it. When your domains are linked via name servers, your MX records should already be configured to use Jimdo webmail.

Jimdo email account will function correctly once the DNS changes have taken place. In order to generate email aliases known as email forwarders, open the menu and go to Preferences > Domains & Email > Email accounts. Select the "Forward email address" tabs where you can enter any forward adress.

You can, for example, generate e-mail aliases such as help@yourdomain.com or support@yourdomain.com and have e-mails forwarded to your mailbox there. Where is the distinction between an email and an email liaison email accounts? A mail accounts is an existing email accounts with an email box, email preferences, and the ability to respond to email with this adress.

A mail alias has none of that. Instead, all received mail is forwarded to another email address instead. Hint: Before you can set it up as an alias.

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