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Live Jimdo Chat

Live and on the go customer service. The Jimdo LiveChat integration allows you to create an exceptional service for your customers! View reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Jimdo Live Chat.

The Jimdo Live Chat App - Jimdo Support Center

Jimdo Live Chat for Android 5.0 and iPhone 10.0 (and later) lets you chat with your website users directly from your phone for free. And if you already have a Jimdo website, that's great! All you have to do is downloading the Live Chat application and logging into the Live Chat application with your Jimdo account credentials.

Once logged in, go to Preferences to enable chat. With our live chat application you can provide your clients with live and personalized customer service. It is also possible to customize the Live Chat application chat colour to your website colour chart.

Adding a live chat to your website

Tidio Chat is recommended to be used by Jimdo to add a live chat system to your Jimdo website to offer client assistance. Your base system is free, but you can easily update if you need more functions such as several chat aggregators, automated messaging and multilingual option. Navigate to Tidio Chat and click the "Try It" key.

Type your e-mail adress, your passwort and the web adress where you want to set up the live chat. The Tidio Chat assistant will get you up and speed quickly. Begin by typing your name and confirmation of your website location, then click Get Set. The Tidio Chat offers some config option. Choose the colour chart, the preferred languages and choose or load a picture of your chat participant that will be displayed in the wideget.

Tidio Chat Wizard's next stage provides you with a piece of coding to integrate the chat widget into your website. Login to your Jimdo website and browse to the page where you want to give live chat on. Insert a widget/HTML element into the page, insert the source into the box, and click the Save icon.

Live Jimdo Chat

Live and on the go after sales services. Jimdo's Live Chat application for Android allows you to chat live with your website users in your Jimdo website for free and in realtime. Respond to your queries, provide help, and provide smooth end-to-end client experience for your website and store - all from your phone.

You will be notified immediately when your site has a new user, so you can begin a live chat. Visitors who need help will be delighted that they can get in touch with you via your messaging device and chat in person. That'?s how Jimdo?s live chat works:

You already have a Jimdo website? Just simply browse the free messaging application and log in with your Jimdo account. The chat wizard will then be built into your Jimdo website so you can provide live customer service. Consider the live chat as an emergency help centre so you can establish relations with your faithful, lucky website users.

It is a betatasoftware of the live chat application. Thank you very much for your help!

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