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The Jimdo Online Shop

Add an online store plug-in to your Jimdo site in minutes. Launch your shop - Jimdo Support Center (English) Each Jimdo website can be converted into a working online store in less than 10 moments, no matter what you use. Whilst you can waste much more of your free attention on extra adjustments and functions, there are at least a few things you need to do to begin selling:

In order to sell a Jimdo franchise, you begin in a very trusted way - adding a new part. Store items are available directly from the Elements menu. In order to create your new online products, please include an article name, pricing and part number. List prices indicate the "original price" of the article, if it is in the offer, and appear above the actual prices with a cross.

Select the This article can be sent to determine the delivery cost per article or per order checkbox. Customise these notifications by going to Store > Settings and scroll down to shipping time descriptions. Have you got choices you want to provide to your clients? Do you have a different size one?

You can use the Variants on the Store Item item if it is. Via the New Variant hyperlink, you can enable the variants and create new ones. Every policy can have its own pricing. When you enable variants, a drop-down list for your customer will be added to your products. You cannot have two different drops down possibilities in a store item item.

So, if you sell a blouse that you sell in 3 colours and 4 different size, you should make three Store Point Elements, one for each colour. Make then four variation within each article for the size. You can, for example, make shop articles for a blank, grey and grey chemise and then include small, mid, large and large for each.

As soon as you have saved the Store Item item, your item will appear on the page where you placed it. To get the best results, we suggest that you create a dedicated page for each item you are selling, rather than just place a series of shop articles on a page. The creation of products pages allows you to enclose your shop item elements with extra text, pictures, video and provides your products with their own page urls, which you can advertise in various searching machines and on various types of people.

As soon as you have added your first Store Item item to your website, your users will see a basket symbol in the top right hand corner of each page. All articles you order are displayed in the basket symbol.

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