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Jimdo's body consists of regions into which you can insert elements. Have a look at our 60 best Jimdo pages from the competition! Let us applaud all of our creators who took part in our Logo & Hosted Web Certifications and made it into the top 60. It was a fierce race and there were some difficult decisions to make as we had 60 top designer's who had to be reduced to a 10 winner shortlist.

We' ve added Jimdo feedbacks for our 10 winning entries - take a look and keep them in the back of your head as you design your next Jimdo pages :). We will present our 10 winner and the 60 best design of the competition without further ado. Nice typeface, especially in the headlines, which were consequently used with horizontally above and below each.

Amazing selection of photos and great page design. See other top competition designers using the Rio de Janeiro template: Gorgeous wallpaper picture selections that have been adjusted to show a haphazard on each page. Nice distances and page lays. Take a look at other top themes from the competition that use the Zurich template:

Eye-catching colour selections that carry on the subject of the logos throughout the website. The choice of fonts continues the fun character of the logos with headlines and pictures, but the text of the paragraphs is wise, easier and more legible. Smart use of the wallpaper to provide a rebate key and an interesting way to link the patched orange wallpaper to the area under the headline.

A great detail right down to the bottom line with a smart dual addressing outline. It was one of those postings where the artist went beyond that and made his own Jimdo artwork. See other top competitor themes that use a customized template: The website radiates an elegant look that perfectly complements the luxuriously inspiring corporate design.

Usually a website in dark text with plain text, it uses delicate shades of red or yellow to emphasize important headlines or hyperlinks. Löwen's Favoricon adds the Browsers table to the element of the Louvain furnace which is a nice note. Coloured "raindrops", which enhance the image quality of the logos, are added to the real photos or appear alone on the wallpaper or in the contents area.

Obviously, both the headline and paragraph fonts were selected to complement the fonts used in the logotype and page titles. See other top competition designers using the Miami template: This is a very contemporary interior with an excellent use of whitespace.

Repeat the basic logotype and reinforce it in various smart ways throughout the site. If there are places where information needs to be exchanged, such as on the right side of the contacts page or in the bottom line, text and headlines are neatly placed with much thought and accuracy.

Have a look at other top designers from the competition using the Shanghai template: Very clear layouts with a selection of wallpapers. This is a very efficient use of a mostly translucent backdrop, as the text is still very legible. Few additional touching features such as the three seal at the bottom of the homepage and the placement of the logos on the right side of the bottom line help this theme to emerge as one of the winning entries.

See other top competition themes that use the Paris template: We' ve seen a dozen photographs-based sites, and they have a wide selection of pictures and a neat and easy black-and-white colour pattern that makes the photos pop. What's more, they have a lot of different colors. Both the smart layouts of the Jimdo portfolios page (created before the new Jimdo galleries were available) and the hexadecimal pictures on the homepage were very beautiful accents.

See other top competition designers using the Rome template: Yet another very neat lay-out using a very contemporary "flat" theme with all the pictures and a barrel of whitespace. Discreet blue and red worked perfect with the superb selection of backgrounds and the use of column, headline, horizontal line and distance for a nice viewing time.

Have a look at other top competition designers using the Cape Town template: Not to mention our top themes that have used these other templates: Learn more about our new Logo & Hosted Web and how you can get yourself certificated!

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