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Register here for your website. Set up an e-mail newsletters Emailing all your customers on a regular basis and telling them about new releases in your shop, new blogs on your website, or general messages about your business is a great way to stay in contact with your clients and traffic. It is recommended that you use MailChimp to administer your subscription and create great newsletter.

Register here (free of charge!). MailChimp allows you to generate a newsletters by simply clicking on one of MailChimp's template files and specifying to which users you want to subscribe. The MailChimp is a fairly easy-to-use e-mail campaign management software, but if you have any queries, check out the Knowledge Base for an answer. And there are other e-mail marketers, but we pledge MailChimp and even use it for our Jimdoewsletter!

As soon as you have set up your MailChimp email address, you want your website users to be able to subscribe to your emailletter. Sign in to your MailChimp email address, select a MailChimp lists on the Lists page, and then click Sign in Forms. It is strongly recommended to decide for an "Embedded Form" (more about this later).

The next stage is to compile your own template and copy the generated MailChimp friendly email address. Then insert this source into a widget / HTML element on your Jimdo page. It is recommended to insert the registration forms into the side bar of your website. Once you have added your own style to your MailChimp forms, you can insert the style part of the codes into the header of your website.

Every new participant is added to your MailChimp subscription queue now. If you create your registration in your MailChimp email address, you may be trying to use the popup instead of the encapsulated one. It'?s difficult to disregard pop-ups, so website users don't necessarily like them, but they are still more likely to sign up for a corporate email marketing campaign.

Why not fill out a pop-up registration sheet? There' s a basic reason: Pop-ups use JavaScript that can be added to a Jimdo website, but can cause your website editors to malfunction. Unfortunately, we have seen some folks who have problems with the MailChimp popup screen, even if they have been added to the page correct.

However, pop-ups are generally not poor. When you want to include a pop-up subscription for your MailChimp newsletters on your Jimdo page, there are a few pop-up subscription options that work better with Jimdo than MailChimp's own source logic. When you encounter problems because the added Jimdo site does not work well with the Jimdo site, please get in touch with our support team and we will help you resolve the issue.

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