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Examples of Jimdo Website | Jimdo Website Examples | Jimdo.com Featuring so many great website builder upgrades, constant web platform release and other great new features, we regret to say that Jimdo has been under our control for some now. Tonight we present you our first collection of Jimdo example portals. Studio23. re, the home decorating firm, has carefully selected Rio de Janeiro, one of Jimdo's favourite Jimdo models, as a model.

It'?s about pictures. Constant colours throughout the website, easy-to-read font styles and a straightforward navigational toolbar round off the beautiful appearance of the website. For example, the menus in front of some backgrounds are not easily legible. nz is an outstanding example of a basic eCommerce website created with Jimdo.

There is a user-centered horizontals navigator panel, easily searchable compilations and nice wallpapers. Take a look at the way they present their creations with plenty of white space around them, a full specification and various pictures of their work. It' always a good suggestion to paste the menubar on top, the only thing I want to keep in mind are some of the options that make the text in the bottom line hard to see.

This is a nice home for a Netherlands based business that sells fashionable clothes. Your website will impress you with consistently colored black-and-white schemas, just the right typefaces, and professionally designed photos. Mayfair uses the latest web site designer fashions like homepage sliders, serifless scripts, ghostbuttons, long scrollable homepages and a lot of space for whites. Mayfair is everything that makes a ecommerce website.

There are many different types of category, collection and item, but you still don't get the feeling that your mind is going to blow up because of too much information. It does a good job by using icons to show the company's various service offerings, while the website's simplicity makes it easier to find the most important information instantly.

Jimdo's trading platforms are used by Jimdo by Alison to market its handcrafted products around the world. PatriziaSpuler's funny, vibrant colours and typefaces. com is a website of the contemporary Patrizia Spuler photo designer. The pages are not too long and the backgrounds are very light. It would also be great to see full-size pictures instead of the clipped slide control version.

He uses his Jimdo website Benahn.com to communicate his love of listening to soundtracks, find prospective customers and view some customer testimonials. Although Ben's website feels straightforward, on close examination you can see that it has everything a musician's website needs: the artist's history, video, news, events calendars and an instant way to get in contact.

This results in an efficient, state-of-the-art website that makes Ben Ahn's musical work known around the globe. Daynial International is a global provider of technological investments and engineering solutions, offering all kinds of service to both new and existing businesses around the globe. Your website, TaqniaInternational.com, successfully uses the Jimdo website to create technologies. This is a stylish and contemporary look with stunning motion graphics that underscore the company's quest for excellence and sophistication.

It' s good to see a well optimised portable release and a brand-nameavicon, and I like how the colours change. com is another website of a customized paint shop that makes common things fantastic and one-of-a-kind. Whether your shoe, chuckle, headphone or guitars - almost anything you want could be decorated with great designs created in the painter's head or your own.

It' very thrilling to browse the site from section to section, with a lot of great looks and pictures. From a sizing guide to a money calculator, it's really easy to have everything in one place, rather than browsing the site from page to page.

You can see that there are no limits for you when building a website with Jimdo. No matter if you want to build a web site for your portfolios or an on-line shop, the website offers all kind of utilities to make your web site classy, fashionable and successfull.

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