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Please get in contact with the Jimdo Support Team via our Support Center Contacts page. Unfortunately we do not offer telephone support. Our support is available via e-mail, which is quicker and will help keep all your information in one place, no matter which member of the support team is assisting you. We know that some folks love the telephone (and we'd love to chat with you!), but we certainly trust you'll find our on-line support just as useful.

Please have a look at our partner page and get in touch with us via the partner form. There is a European Union on-line conflict management system. Note that we are currently not involved in this alternate on-line arbitration forum.

Answered 5 top support questions 8 days a week

Although we always like to listen to you, we thought we could help you get more done by putting together the 5 most important support issues we get and our fast responses so that you can come back out and have your summers in the sun. Get to know our English support team! However, most folks expect Google to append the website to their index as soon as they create a website.

You can do this by logging into your website and going to Preferences > Search > Google Indexing. You can try to accelerate the checkout if you are checking and your site is not yet subscribed. Please be sure to read the detailed, step-by-step guideline on how to use our support center. Harry Selfridge didn't just sit around waiting for consumers, he dragged them into his shop with elaborate shop windows, a clear shop design and productive, busy advertising.

Customize your own custom pages: It' s enticing to put all your items on one page, but it's important to give each retail outlet its own page. Single pages of your site will help improve your search engine optimization, give each article in your shop a distinct web address and give you more room to describe your article in detail.

Select great pictures of our products: However, since your customer cannot see or keep your item physical, you need to give them the best pictures of your items. Find out how you can take great pictures with a lightbox from our store. Become imaginative about how you present your shots on your website.

So why not include extra shots and gallery images on each page? Complete all your existing advanced search (SEO) settings: Please take the while to fill in the appropriate information for your website and your products. Find out more about our search able keywords and read our 5 simple searchable search engine hints for your web shop.

They may think that support is totally responsive, but some clients need support before making a sale. Which is the best website design for my website? No matter whether you're building your first Jimdo site or want to give your existing site a new look, the style you choose has a direct impact on the overall look and feel of your site.

Don't select a pattern because it has the same contents as yours because our patterns are not specifically designed - there is no photo or cook pattern. Concentrate on the document structure: Because our designs are completely structure-based, we suggest you get to know the different parts of a Jimdo design and determine which items are most important to you.

A Jimdo master copy has five main parts: There are five parts to each pattern, but each pattern will place these parts in different ways. As soon as you are familiar with the functioning of the different parts, you will know exactly which parts you want on your website and select a pattern according to these criterias.

This is your pattern cheese sheet: Not sure which is the right one for your website? Get help from our templates filter to find the right templates, or find out how to select the right one for your website to help you select and create the best one for your website. Modify your templates at any point without losing any of your contents.

Where can I create a Jimdo page for my Jimdo website? The setup of your Jimdo blogs is simple. Once you have logged in to your website, click on the blogs symbol in your menue. And if you've never used the blogs before, click the Enable Now Buttons. As soon as you have your blogs enabled, you will be asked to make your first posting.

So if you haven't been taken directly to a new posting page, just click on "Write a new post" and you can restart posting from the ground up. Here's the funny part about creating your first blogsticker! First of all you have to fill in the preferences for the blogs posting. Then create your own blogs in the same way that you create pages for your website by including text, photo and any other items on the page.

When you need help creating your own blogs posting, Suggested Layouts can help you quickly organize your posting and deliver creative ideas. Every article is privat until you publish it. Continue and practise posting a blogs entry, you can simply modify or remove it later. Already own my own domainname.

May I use it on my Jimdo page? Once you have found the right domainname for your website, you can just use it on your JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness page. Or do you want to keep full mastery over your domains? If so, we suggest you keep your domains with your existing host provider and just link them to your Jimdo site.

It' easy to link your Jimdo site to your Jimdo site by following these two easy step. Would you like to have your website and your domains in one place? If so, we suggest you transfer your Jimdo name to Jimdo and we can hoster it for you. It' a little more complex, but the added advantage is that you don't have to spend a renew key because your JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness domains will be part of your yearly JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness subscriptions.

In order to begin the migration procedure, first verify that your domains meet the following prerequisites. Otherwise, we recommend that you connect your domains instead (Option 1, above). When your domainname fulfills all your needs, please complete these instructions to move your domainname to Jimdo. Do you have a question about the structure of your Jimdo page? Please let us know in the commentaries or contact our great support team who will be glad to help you with any question you may have.

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