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Founders of startups no longer have to hire development teams to create their company websites. Create your own website with Jimdo Website Builder for Android! Build and update a website wherever you are with Jimdo's free Website Builder.

The Jimdo Creator: Launch your own website

Modify text. Jimdo's Website Builder lets you build your own website with just a few mouse clicks. With Jimdo's Website Builder, you can build the website of your dreams. Allows you to modify the site at any point and optimise it for searching machines without knowing how to encode. You can also modify your templates at any point without loosing your job. Just simply drop and drag your pictures directly onto your website and we'll do the work to ensure they get loaded quickly and in the best possible format.

Jimdo makes it simple to optimise your website for searching machines and enhance your Google rankings. With our integrated analytics and statistics tool, your clients can find you and help you keep up with your progress over the years. Take your own measurements and see how your website grows! Bring your website with you on a smart phone or tray with the Jimdo App for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Easily upload new pictures, text, write blogs and more - from anywhere you want.


Muchmore Jimdo Jimdo Jimdo Jimdo allows you to create a good -looking website that even offers automatic page generation, simply and cost-effectively.... However, its e-commerce choices are finite and the site is not the most friendly. DYSIWYG, drag-and-drop site generation. The Builder user experience does not display some items of the Web site. Restricted e-commerce opportunities. With Jimdo, you can create a good-looking website and even offer automatic page generation simply and inexpensively.

However, its e-commerce choices are finite and the site is not the most friendly. Although Jimdo began with a couple of teenagers in an old farm-house in North Germany, the business now manufactures an elegant, contemporary website builder and employs more than 200 people. And Jimdo is also known for the launch of the first iPad application for web-based website construction.

Recently, the Dolphin Corporation introduced Dolphin, an automated website builder that can do most of the work for you, a function that complements Jimdo's adaptable, reactive design. While Jimdo is definitely deserving of a look at the power of Dolphin alone, our Editors' Choices, Duda and Wix (which also have an automated site builder), provide much more in the way of template, third-party Widget Gallery and memory manager features.

Begin to design a Jimdo website before you sign up for an affiliate program. Jimdo's free bank isn't too bad by sector. You are only restricted by the amount of disk space your website uses, which is restricted to 500 megabytes, and the bandwith to 2 GB. Like Duda, Wix and Weebly.

Levels of Pro ($7.50 per monthly, charged annually) and Bussines ($20) eliminate Jimdo from your site, includes customized domain names, increases your commercial limit, includes statistics, and increases your memory size to 5GB or more. Website builder usually bill about $25 or more per months for shop floor functionality, or $300 annual revenue versus Jimdo's $240.

Since May last year, Jimdo has offered two ways to design your website: Default Site Builder and new Dolphin AI and Wikard controlled easy Site Builder. And Jimdo says you can make a website like this in three and a half hours. Next, Jimdo asks you about the intent of your website, whether it's to promote a company, show or service or to sell goods or service on-line.

Jimdo will then give you the opportunity to either sign up for a Jimdo registration or assign your own. When you share this, Jimdo will assign you an email adress on the website jimdosite.com. During my tests, the page Jimdo made after a little unwinding was just amazing.

It was also a good copy (though somewhat exaggerated by Dave's Bagel's charm and quality) and things like menus included hotplate copies that had to be edited. When you go the default way of the Jimdo Site Builder, your first option is to decide whether to build a website, shop, or blog. Next, build your website from a design as you do with most site builder sites.

Some of the originals use a classy full-screen wallpaper. Jimdo shows what a design will look like on both a smart phone and a wide web page. Once you have selected your submission, select an adress in the yoursite.jimdo.com format. Jimdo's Site-Building API compromises between Squarespace's, which displays the entire site while it hides control, and Wix and Weebly, which always display a symbol bar.

The Jimdo shows your entire website with a foldable edit bar. Many of the other Site Builder Web site tools contain tools that can be placed on a page - photographs, spaces, buttons, text fields, shapes, and the like. Jimdo's taskbar instead concentrates on selecting templates, customizing styles (mostly fonts ), post blogging, sending and statistics. You' re working with the page element itself from superimposed menu and box that appear when you hover your cursor over it on the page.

At first it took me longer to find website content that I could include than with most other website builder, but after a little training it's no harder to use Jimdo than Squarespace or Wix. As soon as you have passed the necessary templates such as the head and cover picture, you will see the Added Element item check box.

Here you will find separators, distance pieces, photographs, video, texts, form templates, release keys - everything I am used to from a website builder. Dragging and dropping some items into another page drawer did not always give the results I was expecting in my test, and sometimes the WYSIWYG Edit Viewer did not correspond to my site.

You' re gonna have to do some digging to find some of Jimdo's abilities. However, a column editing toolbar came up, so I could change its size and up to six column in the selected style. One major issue is that the Builder has no Uno function except for text input.

The aesthetics of gradual revelation of abilities is also evident in the way texts are edited. The first time you edit or append text, you get a basic command that lets you enumerate your text in bold, italic, or italic. You' ll also get tile and align option for your backgrounds and overlays that look like monitors over your picture.

Special articles such as downloadable data, spreadsheets, maps, Facebook and Twitter updates and a guestbook are also available, but you cannot download sound or videos to use. When you don't find what you're looking for, you can attach an HTML Widget from any website that offers the specific type of webugget you' re looking for.

There' a Pinterest Share feature for pictures, but I'd like to see some more web links, like Flickr-Galerien, Tumblr-Feeds and Pinterest partitions. You' re editing most kinds of contents directly on the page, but for general page choices like backgrounds, menus, fonts, and the like, you need to click the color scroll button.

The hoveroverover option is converted to fonts and colors. Lastly, for those with web design experience, Jimdo allows full HTML and CSS adaptation. Easily edit or append pages to your Jimdo site by moving the mouse pointer over the page navigator link. An unelegant thing about page increment in Jimdo is that if you append more than the page width can hold, a second set of navigational hyperlinks is made.

But Weebly does this by using a multi-link that takes you to the superfluous page references. You can use a free account with a user-defined favicon option (this small picture that appears in the browser's addressbar ), but you need to submit an picture with just the right size pixels. Others website builder like Wix change the size of the picture for you.

At Jimdo, one frustration is that it doesn't store your pictures in your own on-line album. To use the same picture in different places, you must upload it each use. There is no longer the possibility to directly drop pictures from the dropbox. You can also forgot about stick photographs as provided by Duda and Wix.

The designer, however, now also provides Pixlr online picture manipulation utilities, which is a great help. If you change the size of an artwork in Jimdo, you won't be able to extend the limits you've already defined, making it hard to get the desired outline. If you add a gallery, you can add more than one picture file at a time.

The test page had built-in share button, which were added to the bottom of the homepage thanks to the templates. However, if you want to submit them to your Facebook page or Twittereed, Jimdo has page items for you. A lot of web site developers today attach great importance to creating agile and reactive webpages.

Jimdo's Settings pane provides two significant options: When you enable a portable phone preset, your phone's menu (and even your purchase) will work. As soon as I enabled a portable artwork, my website worked well (and was fast) on my iPhone X. Slideshows are especially well done, with a full-screen feature. However, I miss the capability of some other developers to include a portable split sreen picture.

And the other side of setting up a site is when you actually create your website on a portable phone. Weebly also has an iPad web designer, while Wix's application only allows you to handle your on-line shop transaction. Jimdo's application is well crafted and intuitively presented, but has fewer contents than the Weebly application.

And Jimdo hits Yola in at least one way: Provides blogs features. Contributions can be scheduled to be published at a specific point in your life and saved as draft versions - many site builder don't provide this layer of publication controls. Creating a blogs posting you all have the same page items that Jimdo provides for normal websites, which makes perfect sense-you' re not tied to conventional text with pictures.

Conversely, this configuration does not allow text to be wrapped around an Image. If you are a website builder, just type in your PayPal account. With Jimdo, you make a trial order, and his trolley experiences are as good as those of any website creator I've checked. Contrary to most other website builder, Jimdo offers no way for you to resell your favorite downloaded files, a hit seller for certain types of business owners on line.

Now Jimdo has Stripe for payments and PayPal for payed account only. Jimdo does not offer newsletter delivery or ongoing promotional activities or rebates. To summarize, Jimdo's e-commerce offering is far below that of Duda, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix. Included with Jimdo is a customized domainname registry with per account, easy set-up and a home registry facility.

My preference is Builder with clear publication, saving and previewing capabilities. There is also no timed publication capability. An additional function that is not available at Jimdo is the relocation of your website to another hosting site. But Weebly lets you take your HMTL/CSS with you and move it wherever you want, and Squarespace lets you down load your website in WordPress file form.

Jimdo's Selected Web Site Builder Statistics section guides you through the Web Site Builder's statistics section. And unlike Duda and Weebly, Jimdo doesn't provide statistics for free account. Wix, by contrast, provides an assistant that guides you through several stages of optimizing your search for the best possible solution. When I asked a supporter how I could link a purchased elsewhere to my Jimdo site, he said, "I've got a Jimdo site that I can't use.

One Jimdo representative told me that the organization responds to paying clients within one business hour, but wants to respond within two. Is it Jimdo or Jimdon't? While Jimdo is a handsome website builder, he is less fully functional and less intuitively driven than some of his peers. It offers most of what today's website builder needs, and its Dolphin Site Builder is a handy feature for those who don't want to fool around with a great deal of website design.

With Jimdo, you can create a good-looking website and even offer automatic page building simply and inexpensively. However, its e-commerce choices are finite and the site is not the most friendly.

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